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Waukesha Christmas parade witnesses describe chaos, blood after SUV strikes nearly 2 dozen

Witnesses at Waukesha’s Christmas Parade describe blood and chaos after nearly two dozen SUVs were struck.


Waukesha, Wisconsin, authorities say a driver slammed into almost two dozen people, half of them children, at the community’s Christmas parade Sunday evening.

Multiple deaths were confirmed by police and many others were reported. Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson said at an 8 p.m. CT news conference that more than 20 people were struck – an undisclosed number of them fatally. Authorities did not release the victims’ names but said there were 11 adults and 12 children.

“Some of the victims were children, and there were some fatalities in relation to this incident,” he said, adding that police were still in the process of notifying victims’ families.


According to the chief, an officer shot at the car fleeing from fire and then took the suspect into custody.

Eyewitnesses described a blood-soaked stretch of road with good Samaritans attempting CPR on victims – who had been thrown across the asphalt when a speeding driver plowed through a barricade and then pedestrians.

Jordan Woynilko, a Milwaukee man who shared video of the incident’s aftermath under his Twitter handle, @J_Woynilko, told Fox News digital Sunday evening the red SUV that slammed into participants Sunday struck almost two dozen people as he was stepping out of a pub along the parade route.

Woynilko stated that he saw the SUV as he opened the door for his exit. “I saw it pass through the crowd and strike them.”


According to him, he grabbed his friend as a last resort and the two were stunned by what they saw. He said that several victims were being treated by Good Samaritans before paramedics could arrive.

He stated that there were parents screaming at their kids and people running all around. After rewatching the video I was able to hear voices and people saying things. There’s an ambulance needed over there. “There is one woman who has fallen to the ground, and she’s crying.”

Brayden Kowalski, a 19-year-old man who grew up in Waukesha, said that he was at the parade with his family when he saw an SUV accelerate through the crowd. 

“He’s just blowing through people, kind of just dinging a lot of people, bodies flying everywhere,” Kowalski said. “These people didn’t get run over, they got f—— thrown through the air. As many people were thrown into the air.

Kowalski was almost instantly able to see the injured people as his mom and dad rushed out to the crowd after the SUV passed through it. His mother said that he could see “the fragments in the brains”. He said that there were many people with broken bones, including a lot with broken legs and a lot shouting from people with broken legs. It was horrible.”

Woynilko stated that children on the route ran up to the parade’s edge, and were given candy moments before chaos broke out.

He stated, “This was absolutely intentional in my view.” “He deliberately drove through the barriers, broke them and struck multiple people. If it was an accident, I could see that happening and maybe him stopping or driving off after hitting one person – but I saw at least 10 people laying on the ground. This was clearly intentional.”

Woynilko claimed that while rushing to his friend’s safety and leaving the area, Woynilko saw officers calling the suspect a Black male. They were either walking or in a red SUV.

The federal government is also supporting local police. Fox News Digital received a statement from the ATF confirming that it sent Special Agents from Milwaukee to help Waukesha Investigators. Additionally, the FBI indicated that state and local authorities led the response.

Paul Farrow, Waukesha County Executive, tweeted that his SUV crashed into crowds shortly after they wrapped up participation in parade.


He said, “This is an unimaginable tragedy that affects us all.” Keep the affected families in your thoughts, as we try to provide whatever assistance we can.

This incident occurs just days after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty by Kenosha of murder and other charges. He successfully argued self defense after killing three demonstrators at an unrestful demonstration in Kenosha last summer. Two of the protesters were fatally shot.

Even though the victims were predominantly White, this case stirred racial tensions. Critics made unsubstantiated accusations against the teenager defendant and called him a White supremacist.


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