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Tucker Carlson: Why are we still talking about this?

Tucker Carlson: What’s the point of all this talk?


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You may have heard that this anniversary falls on January 6. We have chosen to wear the officially approved solemn anchor outfit of the network: white shirt, muted tie, message reverence. But actually, if you take three steps back as historical events go—if we’re being honest now—January 6th, barely rates as a footnote, really, not a lot happened that day. The presidential election wasn’t overturned and the Capitol didn’t get destroyed, if you really think about it. It wasn’t overthrown. Thank God, no elected official suffered injury, despite what you might have heard. The police were shoved. Unfortunately, there were also punches thrown. Unarmed protester was the one who died from violent assaults. He was fatally shot by a police officer without warning. The so-called rebels did not have guns. Have you ever seen an insurrection such as this?

If you look back at the January 6th events, it is possible to call them a “riot”. We did, however, consider that they were only a temporary riot. It was a shamefully inept effort by recent standards. It was incredibly inefficient. The question now is, why do we keep talking about it? Why is this an obsession of our leaders? The propaganda machine has been cranking up noise around January 6, to deafening volumes, for every one of the past 365 days. Amazingly, even after this long, the noise is growing louder, more wild, and further disconnected from real life. What is the point? They are not doing this for the voters. Take a look at the polls. This is why voters don’t care anymore about it.


One year after the election, it’s no longer relevant. They don’t need it in their daily lives. Everybody agrees that January 6, 2008 was a horrible day. Was it really more dangerous than inflation for America? What is more dangerous than opening our southern border to two million refugees whose identities aren’t known? They told us that January 6th was frightening. Reporters expressed fear. However, was this as frightening as what is happening in Atlanta right now, in upscale shopping centers, where pedestrians are being killed in parking lots? Okay, it was a crime. It was a crime, OK? Was there a bigger one in the epidemic of manufactured drugs that have killed over 100,000 Americans in the past year, mostly youths? It is unlikely. Yet, one year after their march through the Capitol on that day, protesters are still being held in prison tonight. Sackler Family, which destroyed rural America using OxyContin, was fined. They’re still billionaires and so on and so on. 

It’s not easy to convince people that this historic event is happening. Why is that still the case? We know there are good reasons, and we will do our best in explaining them. 


We will start today’s response with Kamala Harris. While she was never an expert in subtlety you won’t be surprised to hear that Harris skipped over the subtleties during her speech. Harris actually compared January 6th events to Pearl Harbor, then 911. Is that what she actually said? Do you wonder? Yes, indeed. 

KAMALA HARRIS : Some dates are echoed through history. They include dates that instantly recall for all those who were there when democracy fell apart. // December 7, 1941, September 11, 2001, and January 6, 2021. 


Yeah. It was January 6, it is one of those memorable moments. You’re most likely standing in an airport, waiting for your flight. Because it’s absurd, and so is what Harris said—it’s ridiculous. This is so absurd that we won’t bother trying to discredit it or try to prove it. This is self-deprecating as though Kamala Harris might be further discredited. 

Joe Biden was her boss and subordinate in the Hyperbole Olympic. She decided to increase the historical stakes. Biden stated to the country that symbolically January 6th was worse then the Civil War and the American Civil War. This would have been the war that claimed more than one million lives. Jan 6th could have been worse because someone was waving a flag. This is far more than parody, and it’s difficult to understand how it can be interpreted. What is the source of this? Kamala Harris and Joe Biden don’t have the ability to write original material. The ability to compose more than just a text message with emojis is beyond the capabilities of either one. Some human beings, however, were able to type those words then display them on the screen. A speechwriter. You wonder if the speechwriter was ashamed of what he said. 9/11? Pearl Harbor What about the Civil War? Even thinking about something similar, your face will turn red. 

'The Five' react to Biden, Harris speeches on Jan. 6 Video

They have no shame. This goes for the national media. They were present today. If you still have questions, let me tell you that after so many years, if there’s a coordinated messaging campaign, where somebody calls up and states, “Here’s what we’re doing today for political impact,” we took a pen to the table today. At least eight different television anchors referred to January 6th, as, quote, “One our darkest days.” Exact same words. It’s more than just that they love to use cliches. That’s evident. As they do every time, it was the whole group that said it. It was broadcast on 3 different TV networks, although we felt sick enough to stop watching. MSNBC was the winner today, with the usual grotesquery and prize. The Joy Reid network found a guy called Doug Brinkley—he’s one of those television historians who’s never actually written significant history of anything—to just come right out and compare January 6th to Auschwitz. It was inevitable. This is repulsive. As historians, however, this is repulsive.It will show you the truth. Doug Brinkley. 

DOUG BRINKLEY. Liz Cheney has been our most courageous character. // Her words remind us of the brave Republicans who fought for freedom in past times, such as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Margaret Chase Smith. We have video footage from the January 6th events. This is the proof. Dwight Eisenhower, during World War Two, made sure that all Holocaust camps were film. The film footage is now available. // It must be January 6, 2011. It’s all days. Every day is January 6, according to an op-ed in the New York Times. // This is a real neocil war. The battle between democracy and a form of nativist autoritarianism. 

JAN 6. JAN 6.

The situation is one of civil warfare. More specifically, however, we are waiting for the ADL’s furious condemnation of Doug Brinkley, who trivialized genocide. When we receive that statement, we’ll inform you. Doug Brinkley has a point. Many images show what took place inside Capitol Building on January 6, 2009. It’s not necessary to guess the outcome of what happened inside Capitol on January 6th. It’s quite representative and I would like to display one tonight. This is the scene as the insurrectionists invade the United States Senate.

HORN RIOTER: Hey, F——’ A, man, glad to see you guys, you guys are f—— patriots. This guy’s covered in blood. God bless him.

OFFICER: You good, sir? Are you in need of medical attention?

RIOTER 2: I’m good, thank you, I got shot in the face with some kind of plastic bullet.

OFFICER : Is there any way you can convince the Senate wing to let you go? 

RIOTER 2: We will, I’ve been making sure they ain’t disrespecting the place.

OFFICER:  O.K., I just want to let you guys know—this is, like, the sacredest place.

HORN ROOTER: “I know, I know!”

Democrats wants to politicize January 6: Rep. Scalise Video

So the guy with the flag at the back of the shot, that’s the QAnon Shaman, he’s doing years in prison for that and only that. You may not have noticed, but the best line in this entire clip is what you can see we got from The New Yorker.wing source” is what an armed police officer said to the dangerous QAnon Schaman during their exchange. Shaman still rotting behind bars. Quote: “Any chance you could get them guys to leave Senate wing?” Any chance I could get you guys to leave the Senate wing—not even leave the building, just the Senate wing. Do you feel the terror? 

If you were there live, you can also view the film. You were likely shocked at what January 6th looked like, regardless of who your vote was. Are people really swarming at the Capitol? This is not good. But then you saw something pretty strange, you saw the police who were in charge of securing the perimeter, move aside the barricades and let the protesters or rioters or insurrectionists whatever you’re going to call them—a lot of people still in prison—let them in the building. So, why did they do it?


It is now clear, as a great deal has been written about it and much of this information was divulged to the U.S. Government, that authorities in law enforcement knew there would be major protests on that particular day. So they prepared. They were prepared.,There were snipers on standby with orders to shoot-to kill. Why was it that the law enforcement allowed protesters to enter, and welcomed them in? This could have been a very good decision. There may be an honest reason. We don’t doubt that. The truth is, we don’t really know. Nobody has ever been able to explain that. Liz Cheney, who has berated the country in the most self-righteous possible way for weeks, months now, telling us we need to get the bottom of exactly what happened—totally uninterested in finding out why that happened. Everyone who watched TV knew this. Other questions are just not clear. These are not conspiracies, they are honest questions that are based upon actual footage. This was something we mentioned a few times. 

Ray Epps is a conservative activist who lived for many years. He was captured on camera at least three times, possibly more encouraging people on January 6th and the day before—January 6th Eve, January 5th—encouraging protesters to storm the Capitol.

Epps: Tomorrow, we must enter the Capitol! Get into the Capitol CROWD: What? No! Epps: Peacefully. Crowd: fed! Fed! Fed! Fed! // Epps – Spread the word! Once the president has finished speaking, we move to the Capitol. You will find the Capitol in this direction.

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That’s Ray Epps. We show you that again before Congressman Thomas Massie asks the attorney general: What’s it about? Are these guys going to face charges? Is he still alive? He was on FBI’s Most-Wanted List. But he is not. The Attorney General refused to answer the question. There is no conspiracy theory, and nobody has ever answered the question. It’s a legitimate question. It’s a legitimate question. Why don’t they answer? 

There are many people similar to this one, which may give you another example. This man was dubbed the “struct commander” by internet detectives. He was photographed from various angles and appears to have given orders to the crowd. You can see that the tapes are clear and you can view them all online. If you’re interested you’ll find out that the guy coordinated the crowd’s movement towards the Capitol. This is what he was doing. This guy can probably be identified using facial recognition software. FBI agents could fly to Alaska to harass elderly Social Security recipients because they were there, so they might be able find him. Yet, the man who was clearly in a management position that day, is not being charged, or publicly identified, remains unarrestable. Is that what it is? 


Scaffold Commander: (on top of scaffolding yelling on a megaphone) Okay we’re in! We’re in! Let’s go! The Capitol must be refilled! Get on board! Now! Need your help? We’re gonna fill up the Capitol. // (shows crowd at bleachers). Move forward, and get up on top of the wall. You can get into the bleachers

There he is: the scaffold commander. He commands the crowd to obey the law. After this incident, on January 6th, there was the biggest manhunt ever conducted in American history. It’s still a topic of conversation, even though it was over a year ago. This guy remains unidentified. Furthermore, there is no one who is interested in any new information about him.

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on the January 6, 2022 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight.


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