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Tucker Carlson: Supply chain struggles could spell bad news for Democrats

Tucker Carlson: The supply chain woes could mean bad news to Democrats


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In January of 2000, Bill Clinton gave his final State of the Union address to the Congress. Clinton used this speech to call for the elimination of all trade barriers that prevent China from entering the World Trade Organization. Here is his argument: Clinton claimed that China would be allowed to join the World Trade Organization. This promise was made by Clinton. It will “open China’s markets to America” and “plainly promote peace and change in China.” 

Clinton made the expansion of China’s economy his number one priority in his last year as president. He appointed Steve Ricchetti, a lobbyist and gave him the task of overseeing the project. Now, China has been an official member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) for over 20 years. In Democratic politics, Steve Ricchetti is even more prominent. Joe Biden’s top White House adviser has made him a key player. 


China is changing as Bill Clinton had promised. China has become the most prosperous country in the world. China’s police system is much more authoritarian than under Chairman Mao. China poses a greater threat to America and its neighboring countries. We’re as far from peace in Asia, as we have been since 1945. 

The American manufacturing sector is now virtually extinct. Along with many middle-class jobs, it has disappeared. Most objects that you purchase today are manufactured in China. 

You may have seen images of cargo vessels lining up in the Pacific to load their containers. The scene is often described as being part of the global supply chain. However, that description intentionally exaggerates what it really is. You are looking at America’s supply chains. This is effectively an outpost that’s totally dependent upon a distant headquarters to provide the necessities of life. It looks this:

REPORTER – Why are there so many shelves unfilled? US ports are back up. 

REPORTER: Have a look at these. The cargo ships are waiting at sea to get into port. It’s causing major US retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and Costco to charter private cargo ships in a rush to fill shelves for the holiday season. On the roads, there’s a shortage of truck drivers 

REPORTER: The White House says it’s addressing the issues fueled by COVID 19, a labor shortage and increased demand.

Americans suddenly find it difficult to buy basic necessities and the essential items they require. Rasmussen conducted a new poll and found that 62% Americans say they lack enough stores near their homes. They are now able to buy more of the things they need.

REPORTER – The Labor Department reported Wednesday that the prices of meat, poultry and eggs rose 10.5% each since September 2020. But food prices have not been rising as fast. In fact, the Consumer Price Index shows an overall increase in prices at 5.4% over a year. Additional pain at gas pumps. The national gasoline price increased a dollar last year. AAA reports that the average gallon price went up from $2.18 to $3.29 in 2020. According to the Social Security Administration, inflation accounts for nearly 70 million Americans who receive Social Security benefits. This will result in a six percent increase in their payments in 2019, which is the largest increase in nearly 40 years. 

This is not a sign that things will improve. The administration actually acknowledged Wednesday that your heating bill is likely to rise more than 50% by winter. These are the kinds of things people notice. When you become poorer, it hurts. Many people are becoming poorer. 


Strangely enough, however, the government has not acknowledged this. Instead, they celebrate it. Jason Furman from Harvard, an associate of the Biden White House sent the following tweet last night: “Most economic problems that we face inflation supply chains et cetera are high-class problems. They wouldn’t be here if there was still a 10 percent unemployment rate. 

Also, it means you shouldn’t be disappointed if you have less. This means that we are winning. Ron Klain is Joe Biden’s White House chief of staff. He quickly endorsed the tweet. It’s delusional or intentional. You pretend that your failures can be victories and people will believe you. This seems to work well in Afghanistan. It might work in Afghanistan. They might be thinking that way. 


Domestic economics does not work like foreign policies. When your life changes, such as when it’s difficult to buy gifts for Christmas or keep the house warm in January, people notice. These problems aren’t symbolic. They are real, measurable drops in the standard of life for your family and have serious consequences. 

It seems that economic decline will continue if it continues. This country will experience a complete political overhaul. Here’s the reason: Americans are able to afford the vast majority of the woke garbage the left produces by the gallon. It has been a rich nation for many generations. This wealth covers many sins. As long as gasoline is affordable in Amazon, people will accept many things that they don’t agree with. 

People’s attitudes can change quickly when society is poorer. They become less patient when mistreated. Because I refuse to take your shot, you’re going to fire me just before Christmas. But I won’t take that shot. Are you telling me that my son cannot get a job due to his skin color? It’s false. And I intend to combat it. All of it.


In a country that has permanent shortages, politics will be very different. The Democratic Party may find this a disappointing surprise. All of the Progressive Left’s programs are built around the assumption that there is unlimited, unending wealth. Yes, that is possible. We’re rich. It’s a belief that people like Nancy Pelosi, Sandy Cortez, and Rashida Talab truly believe. While they may talk about economics in passing, they do not know how the real economy operates. They have no idea about America’s great affluence. They don’t have jobs. 

One thing is certain: Every good thing has to be free. That must be true. This isn’t how the world works. It is not true in those countries which don’t possess the global reserve currency. It’s why they don’t offer drag queen stories in Mexico. Michoacan residents are concerned about the rising cost of tortillas and possible cartel shootings. This kind of absurdity is not something they can afford. 

Our economy is about to look more and more like Mexico. Our economy is much less fragile than we believed. We might have not elected Joe Biden, an economist who didn’t know this sooner. Joe Biden tells CNN anchors, “Inflation will be reduced if we print trillions of dollars to wasteful governments social programs.”

DON LEMON: It’s pumping all of this money into the economy, couldn’t that add to…

JOE BIDDEN: Look, this is the deal. Moody’s today – a Wall Street firm, not some liberal think tank, said if we pass the other two things, I’m trying to get done. You will actually reduce inflation. We’ll reduce inflation.

This June, he stood up on the stage and looked directly into the camera. He explained that if you have more money and you produce more U.S. Dollars, then the dollar value goes up. The CNN anchors look like they are grazing livestock and then it becomes clear that the idea makes sense. 

It’s absurd. Every rational person knows that inflation has been rising since the US government devalued it by printing too many dollars. They’re like sand, now. They’re not worth much. 

Yet, the White House seems unconcerned. Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child – paternity leave they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed. There is no word about how it went. Now he is back in the office, as the transportation secretary. He says he was deeply amused to discover that hundreds of containers couldn’t enter this country. 

BRIANNA KEILAR – As we look at supply chain problems, how much worse are they for Americans? I mean, specifically leading up to the December holidays where Americans rely on receiving goods and presents. 

BUTTIGIEG : There have always been two types of Christmas shoppers. You have the people who complete their shopping lists by Halloween. Then there are the others like me, who go to the mall Christmas Eve. You’re likely to face more obstacles if your in the second category.

A funny and dorky father story. I don’t shop until the very last minute for Christmas. Pete Buttigieg is not referring to that. Your job is to be the transportation secretary. The transportation system is broken, so people are unable to get Christmas gifts or food for their families or to purchase things they desire. We have nothing on our shelves. Does that mean there is a problem? This is kind of funny. 

White House is seeking to remedy supply chain issues with private sector solutions Video

The deeper truth is that people can get consumer goods because we’re too dependent on China because our leaders outsourced all of our production to a foreign country, and now they’re joking about it and they want you to believe that’s a good thing. Because they want to convince you that this is a good idea, all their media friends are repeating it verbatim.

DON LEMON: So I talked to Kai Ryssdal last night who explained to me about the supply chain, yes, it is terrible. This is not only a signal that the economy has a strong foundation, it also indicates people are eager to buy their items. The economy is strong and people want to be able buy stuff. Let’s now look at how the great economy can allow people to buy goods again. They are out and about. They’re looking to purchase gas. That’s fine. 

CHRIS CUOMO – I believe that is a small spin. 

DON LEMON : Yes, indeed. That is spin. My goal is to make people happy. 


It’s not our intention to argue for expertise and credentials. It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who teaches at Harvard is smart or wise. But when you open your segment on economics by saying, “I talked to a public radio host who does a show with the word economics in the title, and here’s what I learned,” you’re not trying very hard. This is especially true when he concludes that inflation is an indicator of our success. You can be grateful that you cannot afford meat and are doing your part to combat climate change. You can be confident that you will see changes in the future. 

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” October 14, 2021.

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