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Tucker Carlson: Media won't investigate motives in Waukesha massacre - here's why

Tucker Carlson: The media won’t investigate the motives for Waukesha massacre. Here’s why


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Kyle Rittenhouse was released from all Kenosha charges on Friday. Two days later, an unidentified Black nationalist BLM member drove his SUV through Waukesha’s Christmas Parade. The result was an act of cruelty.

Six people, including three grandmothers (and an 8-year-old boy), were injured and killed. 47 people sustained severe injuries, most of which were children. Below is a description from a witness of the scene. 

WITNESS: We were sitting, my daughter was sitting at my feet and I was standing above her and what I saw was a red SUV run over a gentleman, I think it was a gentleman in a costume, and he was his body was trampled by both the front and the back wheels. 

According to police, the person who committed this crime is Darrell Brooks, a career criminal. Brooks did not explain why he was convicted of mass murder as yet. Instead, local media and officials have spoken for Brooks. The main point they want to make is that this killing had nothing to do the Kyle Rittenhouse conviction just two days earlier. Absolutely nothing. This is only one example of amazing coincidences. 


Chief of Police Waukesha stated that there is not evidence that the incident was a terrorist one. If indiscriminately killing children and women at Christmas parades isn’t terrorist, what then? 

It’s actually a vehicle mishap. The Twitter in-house news staff described the incident as follows: Cars driving through Parade left five dead and 40 more injured. Car. It is the fault of the red SUV. 


Others news outlets had a different explanation. We were told by other news organizations that Brooks fled from a knife fight. It was implied that Brooks had been feigning panic and driven through the parade accidentally. You do. MSNBC went one step further, suggesting that Darrell Brooks was tricked into driving at people and then fired a gun at him by the police. 

JIM CAVANAUGH, FORMER ATF:  The report from NBC is that maybe he was in a knife fight or a  stabbing.  I’ve been to stabbings and I’m telling you they’re very bloody events. The perps or participants often have blood all over them – even if it’s coming from a victim they stabbed. Or they may get cut themselves if it’s a knife fight. They will often take the knife with them. This man may have had blood on his hands and a knife in his car. He saw the barricade of police officers at the parade route and ran past it. He fired the officer and was ready to go to any lengths he or they could to escape when he ran into these members of the band. It was a cold-blooded act of murder.

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Brooks tried to flee the police as best he could, but it was the cop’s fault. But that is not the case. Many eyewitnesses and many others described Brooks as running down streets trying to kill as many innocents as possible. They were clearly deliberate. Brooks wasn’t being pursued by police. It’s all a lie. This theory doesn’t hold water. 

The question is, why would Darrell Brooks have committed mass murder in Waukesha. It seems that the media are not interested in knowing, not even slightly. They’ve chosen to ignore it completely. Und so they do. 


Roger Stone’s subpoenas from a fake congressional panel are apparently worth more than six lives. It’s not possible, just like the Ghislaine Maxiwell trial. 

We learn more about Darrell Brooks and it becomes easier to see why media refuse to discuss him. Brooks has a lot of Black nationalist and racist propaganda on his social media accounts. Brooks raps about racism against Whites, using lines from Malcolm X. Brooks posted a photo of a fruit bowl that was arranged so the letters BLM were displayed with raised fists. Brooks was not the only one to criticize the Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict. 

WAUKESHA, WI - NOVEMBER 22: People hold candles and embrace during a vigil in Cutler Park on November 22, 2021 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Five people were killed and several injured after Darrell Brooks, Jr. drove an SUV through a holiday parade route on November 21st. The vigil is being held at Cutler Park, near the crime scene, to honor the victims. (Photo by Jim Vondruska/Getty Images)

One BLM activist, who was on Facebook, connected these dots. Brooks’ mass killing was described by him as revenge for Rittenhouse watch.

BLM ACTIVIST VAUM MAYES : Someone is in their custody. They may need to be more forthcoming about what they have to say and how it all happened. The possibility that Wisconsin is the center of this revolution seems plausible. This Christmas parade was the catalyst. … The initial person that reached out to me said this has to do with the verdict.

It has everything to do with what the verdict says. It’s obvious. But is it really true? Although we cannot confirm it yet, we know that the national media will not waste time trying to discover. Why? They are implicated. 


More than a year was spent by news organizations telling us that an instance that had nothing to do race-related was somehow a referendum about the civil rights and rise of White supremacy. Six people were killed because of those lies. This will be their last chance to reveal it. 

It is clear that Darrell Brooks was not the right person to be on the streets. Want evidence? You need evidence? He boasted about his pimping of his 16 year-old girlfriend. 

BROOKS: Now all of a sudden I’m a pedophile? Let me tell you why. Ten years ago in 2006, I caught a case with my oldest daughter’s mama. Yes. Mama. … I didn’t know the bitch was 16 at the time. She gave a statement to the police, yea she was hoein’ and I was pimpin’ and that she was 16, and I didn’t know that, ok.

Yeah. He has lived most of his life in peace. Perhaps not surprising, Brooks was recently charged with hitting his new child’s mother in the face, and then driving her car over. He should have been jailed for this. Brooks was released by John Chisholm (the radical Milwaukee County District Attorney) on $1,000 bail. 

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You can beat and run over women for $1,000 Why? John Chisholm is a racist and believes bail should be abolished. Chisholm admitted that violent criminals being released from jail would cost innocent people’s lives a few years back. However, equity makes it worthwhile, Chisholm explained. 

What if I have to divert someone or place them in treatment? If so, who’s going after somebody to murder? You bet. Guaranteed. It will occur. However, it does not affect the overall approach. 

In other words: the death of innocents or old ladies and small children is an acceptable price because equity is beautiful and important. It is unhealthy thinking. That is the way dictators and leaders of cults think. This isn’t a Western worldview but it suddenly becomes a main position in the Democratic Party.


Jonathan Swan from Axios attempted to persuade Congresswoman Rashida Talaib, of Michigan, to clarify what would happen to federal prisons if they were shut down in this country as she demands. 

SWAN: To what extent have you wrestled with any potential downside of releasing into society every single person who’s currently in a federal person? 

TLAIB (Teacher Liability Act): Again, everyone seems to be like “Oh my God!” We’re just going to let everybody go. 

SWAN: But that’s what the bill says. 


SWAN: Yes, I do. However, the act you endorse actually states that everyone can be released in ten years.

TLAIB: Yeah in 10 years, but think about it who we’re releasing. 

SWAN: However, they were just as human traffickers and child sex criminals. 

TLAIB : I don’t know. 

SWAN: So are you saying you don’t actually support that? 

TLAIB : I do not endorse the Breath Act. 

SWAN: Your proposal is so sweeping it does release everyone and what I’m trying to say to you. 

TLAIB: Within 10 years and obviously there’s a process of how can we get away from mass incarceration and move towards care first.

Total disregard. Do you believe there are human traffickers? Yeah. Rashida Talib doesn’t seem to care. She didn’t give Swan any examples of criminals, no matter their violent and dangerous nature, who should be behind bars. 


What would the consequences be if this were done if all prisons were emptied? The Democrats want us to see the results of this by looking at what is happening in San Francisco Bay Area. 

There’s nothing equitable about what’s happening there. This is theft. We need civilization to survive. It is precisely to stop that. You have to wonder, then, why are they encouraging it? 

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” November 23, 2021.


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