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If you’ve been following this program for the past several years, you probably have come across a time when reality was not what you expected. Many of the things that you thought were true are false. These things are actually a mirage. These myths are purposely constructed to confuse rather than inform. Your senses are no longer reliable. You will be lied to by your eyes. 

It’s a disturbing thought to think of, particularly when you consider that Vladimir Putin was behind all this. Russian disinformation exists all around this country. Even within our minds, it lurks. Adam Schiff didn’t tell us it was worse. For example, last weekend thousands of Southwest Airlines flights were unable to land. The mass cancellations were clearly a reaction to Joe Biden’s vaccination mandates. These mass cancellations were made public just days earlier, with actual Southwest pilots confirming this. However, this is not what the Kremlin wishes you to believe. It was actually the weather, contrary to what the authorities claimed. The weather is all that calms America down. This Southwest Airlines story, like Hunter Biden’s laptop, is as fake and phony as it gets. 

Are the Russians lying to you? The vaccine mandates are loved by everyone, including the many who have been fired for them. They are well aware of how bad they have been. They require discipline, and are thankful to receive it. I’m grateful to you Mr. President. Let me have one more? 


There’s a reason. That’s why Joe Biden is America’s most beloved head of state. Because he is simply amazing. Joe Biden is a beloved figure. We can put it like this: At sporting events around the country, cheers are erupting in praise for the White House, its intelligent and articulate leader. They aren’t coordinated political sets pieces of astroturf as Washingtonians say. There is no such thing. These are spontaneous love explosions. The next thing you know, you will be at a college football match from the sidelines. You’ll feel the need, an overwhelming urge to tell Joe Biden what a great guy he truly is the next moment. This is like going to the toilet really bad but it’s more advanced and better. It’s all around us, gentlemen. There is a rising tide of support for Joe Biden. 

Chants of “F*** Joe Biden” at football games in Utah, Oklahoma, Mississippi and New Jersey


When you stop and think about it, it’s quite inspiring. Joe Biden promised the country unity on his first day of office. Now he is actually doing that. You are a Joe Biden supporter, no matter which team you rooted for. This is unity across the nation. Of course, this is not for everyone. Vladimir Putin hates us not only for our freedoms but because he is Russian. It is an attack on Biden, which is why he is beautiful. Vladimir Putin has to destroy this country. It is like a sunset or a rose garden. If Russia wants to be the dominant country in the world, it must destroy this beautiful thing. 

Putin spreads the false belief that expressions of devotion to Joe Biden, in fact, are attacks on Joe Biden. Vulgar attacks beginning with F. It’s their way of doing it. 

Thank goodness NBC was able to rectify this misperception. Over the years, NBC has been doing more than any news organization to counter the Kremlin’s propaganda machine. For example, NBC has made it so that your concerns about the fairness and legitimacy of the election are now legal. These doubts are now illegal and you won’t be able to voice them again. It’s a good thing that a credentialed representative from NBC Sports was available when NASCAR fans started to spontaneously and joyfully honor Joe Biden. It is possible that you would have misunderstood what the crowd was saying if the NBC lady wasn’t there.

Driver Brandon Brown: My God. It was an incredible moment. // Reporter: Brandon, I was also informed by you that the crowd can be heard chanting. Brandon, let’s get started. 

America, get up F Joe Biden. It’s the same as looking around at the vibrant, robust economy and concluding that there is inflation. Vladimir Putin, this is absurd. 


They said it and you can clearly hear the truth if you open your ears. That was the message that the NBC lady delivered. Not f Joe Biden. Brandon, we’re going. 

Brandon? Brandon is just another happy American, grateful for his wise and benevolent presidency. Brandon, a new American immigrant from Haiti is part of the so-called Biden generation. Undocumented, trans Haitian migrant from Haiti now enrolls at NYU thanks to the Pell Grant. Brandon also studies film and part-time puppeteering. Brandon is an embodiment of the American dream where all is free but people are still angry. 

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Joe Biden has made this happen just last month. Brandon received his fourth COVID shot. He’s a remarkable person and far more than you. This is why the crowd spontaneously celebrates it. Brandon, let’s get going. Let’s take a fifth attempt. Brandon, we’re going to try it. 

Once you remove the Russian propaganda it becomes all very obvious. It does leave you wondering if they are really trying to make it seem so obvious. What else could the Russians be lying about than Brandon? That’s a great question. They lie about hospitals. 

Vladimir Putin creates stories about the hospitals in America. Putin claims our healthcare system is in crisis because of Joe Biden’s vaccination mandates. That’s absurd. Yet, these persistent and shrewd Kremlin propagandists somehow managed to put that story on American television. 

News Report, Lowville NY. September 2009. Reporter: The hospital officials stated that service will be halted in the Maternity Unit starting on Saturday. // Official from the hospital: There have been 43 resignations. 70% of them are working in the clinical area. Unfortunately, a lot of the maternity nurses who perform labor delivery or postpartum care, are also part of this group. 


The maternity nurses have all been fired and there will no longer be any more babies being delivered in the hospital. The Russians now blame Joe Biden. However, the truth is much different. This is not a veiled tribute to Joe Biden. These nurses quit to be able to spend more time campaigning for Joe Biden in 2024. Again, it is an act deceitfully disguised by an outside power. It’s not only in New York, but all around the world. 

Central Maine Medical Center, one of Maine’s largest hospitals is located in Portland. They have halted all pediatric and trauma admissions. Do you want to give your child treatment for a disease? A car accident has left you with injuries. There is no way you can go. It’s not possible. They cited staffing shortages due to the mandated vaccines. A local media outlet reported, “The hospital could lose hundreds of staff members.” As of now, 84 people have quit. It’s one hospital, in a tiny town in one state. They’re also going to lose hundreds of employees. 

This is one possible way of looking at it. It’s also the Russian way. The patriotic way to look at it—the Joe Biden approved way to look at it is very different. It is here. For the thousands of foreign nationals who currently cross our southern border, this means there are hundreds of job openings. They will not be in unemployment. In fact, it is a major win. These illegal Americans won’t just have lots to do in Maine, but all over the country, thanks to the mandate for vaccines.

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Spokane Spokesman Review reported in Washington that there could be a critical shortage of staff at long-term nursing facilities. What’s the reason? Vaccine mandates taking effect October 18th? You know how to make a living if someone shows up in your place from abroad. Take the place of someone who moved on—legacy Americans

Michigan’s largest association of nursing homes said that the mandated vaccines would make them “face an even bigger crisis.” A greater chance, or as the American good man would say: 

Seattleites will have plenty more opportunities and chances to learn self-defense skills. You can use this opportunity to go back to fifth grade Taekwondo. Now is the time to get them. Seattle is about to face a severe shortage in law enforcement officers. What’s the reason? That’s right. Joe Biden has mandated vaccines. It was reported by a local news agency. 

Seattle News Report Seattle Police Department has been already in short supply of police officers and is now preparing to make mass firings starting on October 13. This is what the agency calls a stage 3 mobilization. It’s reserved for situations that could cause serious harm or property loss, and widespread fear. As of Tuesday, 354 of the 354 officers had not provided proof that they were vaccinated. That figure is 292 as of Tuesday. However, this still exceeds 25% for all deployed officers. 


We’ve only given you a glimpse of what’s going on in the country. But it’s all happening across the country from coast to coast, and right through the middle. It’s all happening now. And that means in the coming months, at some point you’re going to call 9-1-1 for an emergency or you’re going to show up at the hospital with an injury, or you’re going to try to catch an airplane flight and you will notice that you can’t because the hospitals, the police departments, the fire departments, your airlines, none of them work anymore. 

If the Russians want their way, Joe Biden will take all the responsibility. Vladimir Putin will say it is Joe Biden’s fault. It’s Brandon, not Joe Biden. Brandon! 

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” October 13, 2021.