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Tucker Carlson: Kyle Rittenhouse speaks for many of us

Tucker Carlson: Kyle Rittenhouse talks for many of us


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Retrospectively, it is amazing how disreputable, and intentional dishonesty the media covered the Kyle Rittenhouse news story. It was all a fabrication. Rittenhouse wasn’t a white supremacist. Rittenhouse was not a member of a militia. He was never allowed to carry a weapon across state boundaries. Protests in Kenosha were not peaceful. It was chaotic and violent, it was a riot. Many of those involved carried weapons. Rittenhouse wasn’t the only one. Rittenhouse wasn’t there looking for trouble. There was a home for his father. Rittenhouse worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard. 


Rittenhouse made a trip to the city on August 25th last summer to protect a car lot. This is the background: On the night prior, Kenosha police had failed to do anything as the mob set fire to businesses. The business owner required Kyle Rittenhouse’s assistance. To give you an idea of how terrible things were, Rittenhouse was reaching out to his 17-year-old son. He asked for help. Rittenhouse remained there as rioters threatened Rittenhouse’s life. They tried to kill Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse ended up shooting three of his attackers while he attempted to flee to the safety and security provided by the police. Many media outlets reported that Rittenhouse killed three Black men. However, the three men Rittenhouse shot were all white with serious criminal histories. You could continue. We could go on. That is evident if you saw the trial last Wednesday. 

What about Kyle Rittenhouse? How is his life apart from the testimony he gave in court? His voice is something few Americans have heard. We’ll let Kyle Rittenhouse speak over the course of an hour. It’s up to you to decide what your thoughts are. 


We must mention one thing before we get started. The yawning gap in class between Kyle Rittenhouse (and his critics in media) is hard to ignore. Rittenhouse hails from the poorest section of society. To support his family, Rittenhouse worked as a cook and a janitor in high school. He is very proud that he was accepted to Arizona State College last year. Kyle Rittenhouse is aware that it’s not an automatic requirement for kids to go college in his world. This is not true even close. 


Over the course of our conversation Kyle Rittenhouse impressed us with his bright, intelligent, sincere and dutiful nature. This is the type of person we would like to see more of in the country. He isn’t particularly political. He has never wanted to become a symbol for anything. Kyle Rittenhouse only wanted to prevent violent lunatics from burning cars. He grew up in the USA. It was considered noble. If Rittenhouse seemed a bit confused at times during the interview, it’s likely because he was thinking back on the past year and looking back at what has happened, this is probably why. Many of his assumptions about the country were false. In this way, he speaks on behalf of many. 

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” November 22, 2021.


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