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Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden has given Democrats more power to harass political enemies

Tucker Carlson – Joe Biden gives Democrats more power for harassing political foes


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It was busy right at the time of his last presidential inauguration. You may not have noticed that Joe Biden, on his first day in office, ordered intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies to conduct a review on how they should combat terrorism. The report had been completed last June. After more than two decades, Islamic terror has been eliminated as the biggest threat to America. The agency instead declared domestic extremism “the greatest terrorist threat to the United States today.” 

It’s quite a harsh assessment. So you must ask: Who are the terrorists that threaten us so much? They are not as you would expect. It did not mention the BLM Riots or the BLM riots which had just occurred. Antifa was not mentioned at all. It was not mentioned about 800 Americans who were murdered in Chicago last year. Many of these victims were children.

Instead, the Biden government declared that “most lethal elements” of the domestic terrorist threat today are political conservatives. Joe Biden has his critics. That report was almost six years ago. It was six months ago Friday. This story received very little media attention, and it hasn’t been since. No major news agency even attempted to ask the obvious question: Where are these terrorists that threaten us? Where are the victims of Trump voter violence? 


This is not an easy question. You can see the details, which are very tightly controlled. Look at the number of Americans killed in violence during the last 12 months. There are thousands to thousands. A simple question can be asked: How many were murdered by right-wingers because of political motives? It is not common. 

Ask the question again, as we are referring to threats. Do you feel more at risk walking in a community that is 90 percent Democrat or in a area that is 90 percent Republican than going to a neighbor that has voted 90 percent Democrat? Don’t be afraid. 

This claims is laughable on the face of it. This country is not under threat from the right-wing terrorists, at least in relative terms. You can’t. It hasn’t been proven. This is what the White House understands, because they are able to read numbers just as well as anybody else. The White House is working hard to project the appearance of this threat. It all depends on how they do it. 


You may remember this story this fall about a group called the National School Boards Association, which sent a letter to the feds asking the DOJ to take a look at parents who don’t like their kids’ curriculums. The Justice Department quickly responded to this letter. This is customer service. 

The FBI will be investigating moms for claiming that their school board meetings were terrorizing. This story shocked many people, but it turns out it is even worse than it seems. 


An updated Freedom of Information Act request revealed that National School Boards Association had asked the feds for parents to be investigated. The feds requested them to inquire about parents. You can see how it works. 

Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education, instructed school board administrators that they write a letter to White House. This letter was then used as pretext by the White House to start a crackdown against parents. You can see how it works. It eats its tail. 

If you do not have enough terrorists in your country to warrant a purge of power, you can just create them. That’s what the gang has been doing. The national media didn’t notice this week that the anti-American al Qaeda campaign entered a new, very ominous stage. The DOJ created a new national terrorism unit on Tuesday two days ago. It will be responsible for tackling “anti-authority ideologues”. It will target anti-authority ideologues. 

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Anti-authority ideologues. Remember that the founders of this country were anti-authority ideologues. They created America because they were anti-authority ideologues. We have written the founding documents that express their opposition to authority. These ideas form the heart of American ideal. They are, in fact, the American idea. They are, however, now criminalized by this administration. Matt Olsen is the assistant attorney general. 

MATT OLSEN: Domestic violent extremists pose a significant threat to our country. Individuals in the United States seeking to perpetrate violent criminal acts in support of domestic, socio-political goals. A mix of ideologies, personal grievances, and personal motives often motivate domestic violent extremists. The threat of extremists who believe in terrorism, antigovernment or other anti-authority ideology, is increasing. To complement our current approach, I established a domestic terrorist unit. These dedicated lawyers will concentrate on domestic terrorism threats. 

Is there anyone who is a danger to our country? He is the greatest threat to the country. 

Jason Johnson, one its contributors just today, called the whole Republican Party a terrorist organisation. This is where it’s headed. We’re going to quote again, the assistant attorney general: “We see a growing threat coming from those who subscribes to anti-government or anti-authority ideologies.” 

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Are you really worried about this threat? It is true or false? Let’s look at this. This threat may be used as a justification for the establishment of this agency. However, it is not grounded in reality. Twenty-seven year ago, in 1995, 168 victims were killed by the Oklahoma City Bombing. Another 700 people sustained injuries. 

Nearly 30,000 people were interviewed as part of the investigation. The evidence accumulated by investigators was nearly 7,000 pounds. There was more. This was a huge investigation. It was a huge investigation, and Attorney General Merrick Grland was involved at that time. 

Let me tell you, despite all the investigation’s size, none of the participants suggested or hinted at the need for a new DOJ domestic terror department to address the issue. The FBI’s field offices handled the entire thing, just as they have done for decades. 

FBI field offices performed their duties. You may not have seen it happen again, but the man who was accused got the death penalty. 

After Joe Biden’s election, the number so-called domestic terrorist investigations nearly doubled. The question now is, what are the feds investigating? If there hasn’t been a significant death toll due to these terrorists within our borders? How are the feds investigating this? 

Well, they’re taking a close look at crimes like the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor was one that greatly helped her political fortunes. Was it really a conspiracy? It turned out that the conspiracy involved more FBI informants and agents than would-be kidnappers. It turned out that the man who claimed to run it was homeless. The man was found living in the basement at a vacuum shop. One of his best friends called him Captain Autism. He wasn’t the one leading everything. It wouldn’t have made sense. It was all absurd but the storyline was political expedient. The media promoted the entire thing uncritically, as if the incident were true. 

To remind you all, the media’s task is to question government statements in order to determine if they are truthful. Because it seems that some politicians might say things just for political gain. The media must discern the truth from the spin. Media cannot be spokesman of the power elite. They are still doing that. In case you didn’t notice, it was the DOJ that incited Jan. 6 protesters to become terrorists. You keep hearing of them as the insurrectionists. Strangely enough, the Federal Government had not charged any American citizens with insurrection as of two days ago. They acknowledged that. 

SEN. LEEE: Have any people been charged for the crime of rebellion? What happened after Jan. 6 

MATT OLSEN – I don’t know if anyone was charged with this particular offense.

Oops. If no insurrection has taken place, they can’t be considered insurrectionists. This is quite embarrassing. Evidently DOJ realized that it was embarrassing. Just 48 hours later, more than a full year after Jan. 6, today, the feds made it clear that someone will be charged with sedition. If you have any concerns about these charges, or whether the case is meritorious, then the DOJ has just made it clear. The Biden administration reminds you that you can’t ask them. 


Joe Biden announced today a crackdown against the media to ensure you keep your secrets private or that they are not shared with others. He stated that he would be cracking down on those who “disinformation and misinformation” his government. 

PRESIDENT BIDEN: If you haven’t gotten vaccinated, do it. Your personal choice has a huge impact on our health, the hospitals and our country. Special thanks to media outlets and social media companies. Your shows are filled with misinformation. This must stop. 

Your shows are full of misinformation. Yeah. Received. Joe Biden states that it has to end. 

This means that Big Tech, media and other organizations must do the same as his mandate for vaccines, which was found to be unconstitutional. This will be enforced as big business depend on the government’s existence. They get government money. The government regulates them from the top to bottom. 


It takes courage to challenge the President of the United States. You should do what he says. Joe Biden wants media companies today to censure their content to ensure it does not contradict his directives. 

CNN is fine with it. They actually made fun of Joe Biden’s comments today. They mocked his demand for censorship. They laughed at his call for censorship, not because it was unconstitutional. CNN had a strange-looking reporter who wrote that “I’m certain the Murdochs (now that this appeal has been made) will be right on this!” 

They now know exactly what is going on. Joe Biden has targeted Fox News’ censorship. This is his demand for censorship after hundreds of scientists and doctors called upon Spotify to create a misinformation policy, which would effectively shut down Joe Rogan’s podcast. Rogan is now free from COVID and people hate him because of it. 

This is not just the case with the government. People acting for the government are calling for the exact same thing: censorship. This is what you are witnessing. It’s dangerous. There is no other way. They are far more dangerous than the domestic terror threat that they have been bragging about for three days. It is against the First Amendment. 


The First Amendment prohibits the government from coordinating with other actors in order to restrict free speech. Period. This has been a principle that the Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed over many centuries. Yet, that is exactly what is happening. Joe Biden did it today. Are you going to be complaining about this? You probably don’t. You might be familiar with the effects of complaining too often. 

Roger Stone complained about the government a lot, as an example. The DOJ was not pleased that he complained so loudly and often about the government. Roger Stone was charged with colluding in Russia’s election. They charged him with lying before Congress. This is something that literally happens every day of the calendar. However, in this case they charged him with lying to Congress and threatened to put him in prison. Meanwhile, they dispatched a helicopter, boat, and paramilitaries to his house at dawn, after co-ordinating the raid on CNN. It was truly one of most shocking moments in the history of civil liberties. It is still there. 

Roger Stone (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

CNN REPORTER – This exclusive footage was taken by CNN at Roger Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home. The FBI took him into custody. … They arrived before dawn there before 6 a.m. or just after 6 a.m., a dozen officers we’re told. 


They coordinate with CNN to ensure that it all is recorded on tape so they can send the message around to everyone else, encouraging them to do the same. They send people with automatic weapons into your house to lock you up and to kill you. 

Now, the raid’s commanders ought to have been charged. But they didn’t. They were elevated. They now have greater power to intimidate their political foes thanks to Joe Biden. Are you feeling safer? 

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on the January 13, 2022 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight.


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