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Tucker Carlson: What our leaders have done to young people is unforgivable

Tucker Carlson: It is inexcusable what our leaders did to the youth.


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Here are some positive news and happy new year! There will be improvements in 2022 compared to the past two years. This can be confidently stated. We can do that with confidence. It’s simple. It’s simple. The COVID madness is coming to an end, and it won’t be because of any medical developments. This weakened variant may cause the pandemic to end. There may be highly effective medications to combat it. Actually, this is already possible. 

Practically, however, COVID policy is often irrelevant to scientific advancements. They have always been. The reason that things will improve is not due to medicine. The current superstitions and rules are too ridiculous and insane to be continued. It is likely that the Democratic Party’s voters will stop tolerating it at some point. That is what you can count on. 


It will start with two photos tonight. The first image is Joe Biden, President of the United States. Biden is currently the safest man alive. Federal employees have spent their whole lives making sure that Joe Biden is safe. If you’re president, you can always count on your doctor being just a few steps away. A personal ambulance is there to follow you from the second you get out of the house. All treatment can be done at any hour you wish. You can have as many vaccinations as you want. Joe Biden receives the most attentive medical attention in human history. Biden is not the type of person who should worry about COVID-19. Yet, he seems terrified. 

Biden spent last week at the beach. He’s outside. It’s breezy. It’s a sunny day. It would be easy to believe Joe Biden would find this safe, but he was wearing a small surgical mask while he moved through the sand. 

Ask yourself: What Joe Biden thinks is going to happen to him? How is that little mask supposed help? Are he concerned about waves-borne viruses floating above the Atlantic, infected seagulls from Azores? It’s not clear. Because it is so bizarre, we don’t know how to find the right answers. These fears aren’t rational. These monsters are under your bed at night. This is classic hysteria. It is actually a form of mental illness. You are the president. 


Your secretary of defense is here. Lloyd Austin is his name. He was more scared of the coronavirus than Joe Biden when he landed on his flight to the Philippines this summer. Biden uses a surgical face mask. Lloyd Austin uses a welding helmet that has a surgical face mask. Below it, Lloyd Austin has the MRNA vaccine. Lloyd Austin is prepared to fight COVID for a long time. Imagine the Romans of Masada. Austin is the Branch Covidians’ leader. 

But somehow, Lloyd Austin managed to find a small crack in his corona armor and a hole in his viral fortifications. Lloyd Austin revealed yesterday that, despite numerous vaccinations, he had contracted COVID. It’s serious enough to prevent him from going back to work. What is Lloyd Austin’s lesson? Because the vaccines work well and are mandatory in the armed forces, it is clear that they do work. You can also fire more SEALs. Austin made that statement the same time he stated that the vaccines he received did not work. The vaccines are effective and remain an essential military medical requirement. Right. That’s because it isn’t completely rational or something. However, it’s completely irrational. It is a fact that every rational person understands. 


Wait, what? I can see that I watched television news so I understand that the vax wasn’t designed to eliminate infection, transmission, hospitalization, and even death. None of these things are true. The point of vaccines was to improve your symptoms. It’s an reassuring measure that is difficult to measure but strangely no one seems to be reassured. This was the benefit that these vaccines claimed to have from the beginning. This is what most people seem to believe. But it’s false. We have kept those tapes because so many seem to have lost what authorities said just months ago. 

NBC REPORTER MAY 2021: Only 37% of Americans have been vaccinated nationwide, despite health professionals continuing to promote the benefits. FAUCI: You become a dead end to the virus and when there are a lot of dead ends around, the virus is not gonna go anywhere // WALENSKY, APRIL 2021: Our data from the CDC today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don`t get sick // BIDEN, JULY 2021: We’re not in a position where we think that any virus — including the Delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of unvaccinated people. The shots you are receiving now provide coverage for this.  You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations

These vaccinations will not prevent you from contracting COVID. Joe Biden was the one who said that this July. Poor old guy. Biden is known for his preference for childlike, simple sentences. However, in this example, you can see that he was actually meaning what he said. You won’t receive COVID if you take the photo. To put it mildly, this was false. What number of people are vaccinated right now with COVID, or just recently recovered from it? Millions of people got their vaccines and received corona during the Christmas holiday. You likely know lots. One of these people could be you. It’s possible that there is a correlation between the two. According to research, the vaccine-educated are less likely to contract and transmit the virus. Whatever the outcome, we do not know. However, it’s clear that anyone who has had the vaccine can be infected, and then easily spread the virus to others. New York was the city with the highest vaccination rate in the nation, and this is where the outbreak began. 

Biden’s failed policy sows more COVID confusion Video

There is now no question that experts had been completely incorrect about vaccine efficacy. Falsehood is not an offense. It’s not a crime to be wrong. Science is not without its errors, just as in real life. Science is not an accumulation of existing knowledge. Instead, it is a process of thinking. It is the process of searching for truth. Science research often reveals that you were wrong in your assumptions. You can adjust as you go. Viagra began as a heart medication. 

All of this is perfectly acceptable. All you have to do is admit your mistake. It’s the first requirement. It is impossible to lie. Lies are the enemy of science. You’re lying if your pretending the COVID vaccinations work. This is the only way to avoid it. Your place is not in public health, or hosting a CNN show. This is too damaging to our country. You and anyone else like you will never be believed again. 


If we want to move from this catastrophe to a brighter future, the first thing that we have to do is insist on stopping the COVID lies by the leaders. From the very beginning they lie about everything. This includes the public health statistics that we used. They claimed that protests at BLM were exempted from quarantine regulations. This was an act of virtuous support for the Democratic Party’s policy goals. Therefore, thousands of people –  Antifa members with BLM signs – could not, possibly as an epidemiological matter, be dangerous. It was true. That was what they really meant. People, the general public put up with it. That’s when it became clear that politicians and citizens were corrupted. This is Bill de Blasio (the former mayor of New York). 

Mayor De Blasio: It means street fairs. In this city, things could refer to tens or thousands, even hundreds of thousands. It’s just not time for that. // Wolf Blitzer: How about demonstrations? Are protestors allowed to walk down Fifth Avenue? De Blasio says: Wolf, this area is always a sensitive one. If you’re just talking about health we would say ‘hey folks, stay home if you can,’ but we understand at this moment in history people are talking about the need for historic changes.” // “This moment is historic.” This must be respected.

This is a momentous time of historic change. He was the person in charge for health policy in the largest city. However, de Blasio is no longer in office. But, COVID proclamations that he has issued so quickly remain in place in New York City. Why? They are so confusing that everyone is afraid of them. Who is to blame? It’s all our fault. Better citizens are the only way to get better politicians. That is what does it mean? This means that we must use common sense and our conscience before accepting absurdly political directives. Telling the truth about those who are lying is part of it. When we do this, there is no need to feel ashamed. They do. 

Biden's testing failure is 'inexcusable:' Hannity Video

Tony Fauci, who is 81, does not feel ashamed. His lies have been going on for years. He’s also he often tells us he’s an august man of science, someone ought to ask Tony Fauci how many biological sexes there are. It would be quite amusing. Fauci, the lying liar, admits that he has lied. This post was taken last Wednesday. He claimed that COVID has hospitalized many children.

FAUCI: If you look at the children that are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID, as opposed to because of COVID. This means that children who are hospitalized automatically receive covid testing and get added to the covid hospitalized list. However, they could be admitted for broken legs or appendicitis. It’s overcounting the number of children who are quote hospitalized with covid as opposed to of covid

It turns out that it was not COVID. The kids did not have it in any way. Children are not at risk from COVID. The conspiracy theorists now blocked from Twitter seem to have been right. Official numbers are fake. The children in question were treated for appendicitis, broken bones and covid. Tony Fauci has now admitted it, though it is too late for him political reasons. Two years ago, he crushed the weakest of us. 


To second grade, imagine wearing a mask. Imagine not seeing your teacher again or hearing your friends laugh. Imagine being older. You can imagine your junior year at high school in solitude, with the only company of the internet. Imagine what would happen? Your life would be severely damaged. America’s children have suffered severe injuries. This is clearly a crime, as the numbers prove. This crime has not been prosecuted. It is unlikely that anyone will ever be charged with the crime. However, once again we saved the tape. This is so young people won’t forget the horrors of Tony Fauci and other fraudsters. The scene is from a Washington public high school.

REPORTER: Wenatchee High School finding a socially distant solution to get the band back together. // Students are allowed to enter the pods in their band or choir room. They then remove their masks so they can sing and play instruments.

Ben Shapiro: Biden has overpromised and underdelivered Video

Plastic pods are used for band practice. It is a bizarre, amusing way to do it. In slack, we’ll be watching that video in 10 years.They shook their heads in disbelief when they realized that 2021 was nuts. It was true. It’s no joke. Healthy children should not be treated like untouchables. It is very harmful. It’s immoral. They didn’t do any harm. They could not hurt anybody. They couldn’t hurt anyone. Our public health officials did, however. This was mainly because Tony Fauci (81) could be safe. They lost their childhoods. Is it really worth it? It was not. 

To ensure the future success of our youngest generation, healthy societies must work together. They carry on civilisation. Our leaders did terrible things to youth over the past two years. We should not allow that to happen again. Stop doing anything that could lead to a spike in teen suicide rates. Fix it by finding out why it’s happening. There is nothing more important. 


You can find it all around, as the past two years have seen a lot of cruelty within our society. David Frum was a Bush adviser who suggested that all hospitals withhold vital medical care from those who are unable to get it. Although it’s absurd, no authority has condemned Frum’s proposal. Frum’s idea was applauded by many doctors. You can’t imagine anything like this happening two years ago. It is just too horrible. Americans used not to speak about one another like that. It’s now very common. What is it telling you? This shows that Americans have a dangerous level of anger. This must be fixed. However, the people who are in control have done exactly the opposite. They did nothing to soothe the populace. They are the ones who have fuelled the fury and made it worse. Why? They benefit from the American people being divided against themselves. 

Joe Biden went to television to tell Americans that they don’t have the right to visit American hospitals. This is not about health care, but human rights. It was the Democratic Party’s original talking point. This is now the motto: obey or perish. How does this work? It is obvious where this goes. Next is the digitization of all internal passports. There’s no way out. Or you can stay home and do as the Democratic Party orders. Your right to freely travel within your country will be revoked. It’s not an conspiracy theory. Many people are uttering it loudly. It’s coming. Momentum for this is already building. There is no resistance. 


Washington’s Republican leaders have not done anything to end this. They are occupied with their hobby: another round of nation building in the eastern Ukraine. They’re contemptible.

What does this mean for the rest? The public must put a halt to this most dangerous proposal ever made in the United States. Only hope is in America’s citizens. We believe they are likely equal.

This article has been adapted to Tucker Carlson’s opening comments on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” January 3, 2022.


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