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Tucker Carlson: In Biden's America, you'd be stupid not to cross the border illegally

Tucker Carlson: In Biden's America, you'd be stupid not to cross the border illegally


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Working in cable news is a confusing job. This is a fun, yet quite unbelievable job. Each morning we see a new story from Biden White House. Every day, it’s a different one. And every time, we wonder if that is possible. It is too insane. 

It turns out that almost every day, the joke we thought was funny, is actually quite real. This is actually what’s happening. This is what the Biden administration does. Their administration is firing thousands and even thousands of officers during a pandemic. They aren’t lying when they say that there’s an authentic female admiral of four stars standing in front of them. Joe Biden isn’t giggling. Biden tells Rachel Levine his promotion is a win for women all over, and it’s true. 

All of them, even those he does not understand. The Babylon Bee owner recently told us that it was becoming difficult to operate a parody web site in this country. It is nearly impossible to make jokes that are more absurd than the reality. 


Yet, we are able to say tonight, even if we don’t have the highest standards, that this is one of the most bizarre news stories ever published in this country. Whatever happens in the future – which God only knows – this news story will remain forever as the highest mark of political lunacy. Make sure to mark your calendars. It is October 28, 2021. You can’t get any better. 

It’s here: The Wall Street Journal reports that the Biden administration will pay compensation to illegal aliens. These are foreigners that arrived without invitation and who were in violation of the legal statutes adopted by Congress. According to our Constitution, these people will be receiving a profuse apology as well as huge sums of money. 


Why? We did not enforce our own laws. That is why we are asking you to explain. Therefore, the Biden White House has decided to compensate criminals who have committed crimes. 

Although it’s hard to believe, this is true. The Journal reports that the Trump Administration plans to offer $450,000 per person to immigrant couples who were separated by the Trump administration in compensation. U.S. Department of Justice and Homeland Security and Health and Human Services could offer payments of as much as $1 million each family. One million dollars for illegal aliens per family at a time when American families are getting noticeably less. 


It won’t surprise you to find out that almost a thousand claims for reparations have been made, as per the newspaper. We don’t understand why. All this for more than one billion dollars. 

How much, then? Let’s find out if your family is an American citizen and you are killed fighting for your country. Our government will send $100,000 to your family. This is only a quarter off what Joe Biden wants to offer illegal aliens in exchange for their inconveniences of being deported. 

Once again, they’re getting $450,000 each from tax receipts. It’s more than what 9/11 victims were paid. That’s more than an average American gets from the U.S. Government. This country is a nation of people who just give. 

Meanwhile, internationalers that have zero respect for the laws of our country are winning. You have to take three steps back. It is hard not to wonder how much longer this kind of thing will continue. It is possible that the country’s leaders, who are, in fact, not the same persons who are running it, will decide to stop accepting this situation. You don’t have to pay tax at this stage. It’s just too offensive. It is too destructive. It is evil. 

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It’s not clear how much time it will take, but it seems like it’s happening quickly. We don’t know much at the moment. We can predict how the rest the world will react to this announcement. It would make sense to illegally cross our border at this stage. Joe Biden actually pays those who do it. So, not surprisingly, as Fox’s Griff Jenkins just reported, new waves of illegal migrants are coming here as fast as they can. Let’s take a look at one caravan. 

GRIFF JENNKINS: The caravan speeds through the checkpoint chanting liberty while the Mexican National Guard watches. The migrants, undeterred by Mexico’s foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard, who says they are being deceived by the organizers. 

EBRARD: They tell them, let’s go in the caravan. They will allow us to leave when we get to the U.S. It’s not true. We all saw the horrors that befell Haitians. It’s the same thing. 

GRIFF JENKINS: But the warning isn’t breaking the will of the migrants. 

MIGRANT: That’s not stopping us, cause we got the power of God, right next to us. And he’s going to open. 

MIGRANT 2 : We are not stopping. You’re still proceeding. We’re still moving. It’s not going to stop us.

We Act as if this were an act by God. It’s impossible to stop. This isn’t what’s actually happening. Biden’s administration encourages this more than ever today. Today’s Democratic legislative framework would allow amnesty for millions to many millions of illegal aliens. It is the most significant amnesty ever proposed by the United States in its history. 

Center for American Progress, which happens to be closely affiliated with the Biden White House released an analysis. The Center for American Progress concluded that this proposal would allow nearly 7 million illegal aliens in this country to get green cards. 


It would permit anyone who arrived illegally to enter this country as long as they can prove their identity. This was possible between January 1, 1972 (during the Nixon administration) and December 31, 2009. This is a striking zone, as it covers 47 years. 

What about all the illegal immigrants who have poured into this country since 2009? You can go anywhere they want. Biden has published a list naming no-go areas. This is not a place foreigners cannot go to. They can still travel anywhere in the country, even where they live, and it’s a no-go area for federal agents who enforce these laws. 

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Biden White House stated that ICE agents no longer have permission to enter schools and hospitals or other health care facilities. Basically, they’re not allowed anywhere. They’re completely ignored and outlawed in all aspects of immigration law. They are completely ignored. They’re not enforced. The real question is: How can Americans benefit from these changes? Let’s find out. Let’s take a look at a Florida report. 

REPORTER – When Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd speaks out about the car accident that resulted in the death of a 5-year old girl, it is impossible to ignore his anger.

SHERIFF: Had he been in his home country last Saturday night like he should’ve been, our beautiful five-year-old little girl would’ve been alive. 

REPORTER: Ernesto Lopez Morales, however, was actually driving down State Road 16 in Mulberry. 

SHERIFF: He already drinks [sic]six 32 oz. By his own admission. 

REPORTER : Lopez Morales, according to the sheriff was buying beer. According to us, his headlights had been turned off. The speeding driver was a problem and he crashed into the Hyundai Elantra being driven by a mother from Plant City. The Elantra’s back was crushed, as well as the seat in which the 5-year-old child was seated.

This is the crux of the terrible tale: Ernesto Lopez Morales shouldn’t have been allowed to be here. As millions did, he was in the country illegally and didn’t even possess a driver’s licence. He drank 16 regular-sized beers and then he crashed his car into the head of a girl five years old. The question now is: What will Joe Biden do to address such situations? There is nothing. Biden announced already that drunk driving will not be grounds for deportation. 

JOE BIDDEN: An arrest is only made to deal with a crime that has been committed. I do not consider drunk driving a crime. 

Drunk driving is not a crime. This is a significant change. This applies only to those who are here illegally and not to you. 


This country is becoming more unstable, poorer and more dangerous thanks to the Biden administration. This is not accidental. It is intentional. It is something that people who live close to it witness every day. James Chilton has been close to it. Chilton is the fifth.Arizona generation rancher. His land borders a Mexican border for five miles. He is a terrible person. Over the course of the past months, his ranch was transformed into something completely new. People have now left garbage on the ranch. Border Patrol officers in Mexico are being attacked by illegal aliens as they attempt to cross into Mexico with weapons. 


Chilton got an idea after watching this unfold, and seeing his land being destroyed by foreigners. The Biden administration claims to care deeply about the environment. This is what you will have seen. This seemed unfair. Chilton called for assistance from the Forest Service. Perhaps they could save Chilton’s environment from being destroyed and poisoned. The Forest Service said no. Charlton’s Ranch was not allowed by the Forest Service because it is too dangerous for patrolling. There are no federal agents allowed to go. This is America. 

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” October 28, 2021.

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