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Tucker Carlson: Biden's speeches reveal what he thinks of Americans

Tucker Carlson: Biden's speeches reveal what he thinks of Americans


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It’s time for civics class. This is how democracy works: When they elect a government, the voters make an easy deal. It works like this: Politians try to make your life better. You vote for them in return. This is voluntary. It’s quite effective. It’s been this way for 250 years in America. 

However, this has changed. Joe Biden didn’t do much to make the lives better for American citizens during his first year of office. It wasn’t his fault, he just didn’t try. The equity agenda does not aim to make voters happy. Punishment is an important feature of the equity agenda. This includes inflicting severe pain on the right individuals, distributing harsh justice and paying reparations to other people. 

Joe Biden clearly expresses his feelings about America through his speeches. Biden is deeply disillusioned in America and annoyed at the citizens who live there. Biden doesn’t cajole voters. Biden harangues them and berates. He berates and patronizes them, as well as threatening to kill them. You are the cause of the corona epidemic. You are stupid and selfish. There will be no Fourth of July hotdogs unless you follow the rules. 


This is a completely new method of government for the American president. It begs the question: how can this continue? Is it possible for Democrats to retain power at the next midterm election? There’s one way that they can achieve this, if you stop and think about it. The incumbents must create a new type of government that will keep them in power no matter what, regardless how destructive or incompetent they might be. 

A way to achieve this is to weaken the power of citizens. New York Democrats have allowed nearly one million illegal immigrants to vote in their local elections. Gavin Newsom, California’s governor has declared that California will offer unlimited medical care for illegal aliens so more can come. This is the key. It’s the reason Democrats push for what they call a “transformative vote rights bill”. They consider it their highest legislative priority. It’s the main thing they care about.

Joe Biden spoke about it in Georgia today. Biden, who refers to his running mate, the President of the United States, didn’t like the start. It’s only. 


Joe Biden became furious, just as he does almost every public appearance these days. 

JOE BIDDEN: The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is also needed. These quiet conversations have been ongoing for two months with Congressmen. I am tired of being silent. 

What is the John Lewis Civil Rights Act, Joe Biden so tired of being silent about? At its core, the bill gives the federal government power over how elections are held across the nation. To be able to make their elections rules more democratic, states must obtain approval from the federal government. 

What does all this mean? It means that the states will no longer be able to request voter identification or register at the polls. States also would lose their ability to choose the location of polling stations and draw boundaries for their congressional districts. It’s all about that. 

Election integrity is part of voting rights: Loeffler Video

A formula developed by Democrats would require states to use before doing anything in democracy. This formula, it is clear, emphasizes race. Why? It’s simple. It is because the country is far too racist to let states run their affairs. Nancy Pelosi will be their leader. Only Nancy Pelosi isn’t enough racist to run elections. 

It is absurd. Why are tens or thousands of Haitians crossing our borders this year, America being so racist? It’s nice to be asked that question, or hear it answered. But the notion itself is completely unconstitutional. This is because it was clear from the Supreme Court almost 10 years back, in 2013. It is illegal. This has never been permitted. In fact, no known human being would permit it. It would not be done voluntarily. 


Why would incumbent politicians try to manipulate the outcome of the game for their benefit? This would not be allowed. It would be a crime to do that. What would it take to bully you? The answer is obvious. Calling Americans racist is the fastest and most effective way to bully Americans. That’s exactly what the Democratic Party does right now. The Democratic Party is telling us that the civil rights movement has never occurred. It’s 1951 in Birmingham and you are Bull Connor. Refrain from being racist. 

Joe Biden was never very clever, so today, he simply spoke it.

JOE BIDEN – Do you wish to take the side of John Lewis and Bull Connor? Would you like to represent Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln? Now is the time to make a decision to protect our democracy and our electoral system. 

Bull Connor? Everybody under 70 thinks football player. Jefferson Davis? If you don’t support an illegal power grab by corrupt politicians aged 80, then you can be considered the leader of a confederacy. You’re a foreign combatant. He said that. This is how vital it is for the Democratic Party to remain in power. We need to reform the Senate’s voting system. We will never lose another election. 

Gutfeld: Why are more liberals voting for the GOP? Video

Here’s Joe Biden today:

JOE BIDEN – We need to find a way for these voting rights bills debate and votes to be passed. Let the majority win. We have no other option than to modify the Senate rules and get rid of the filibuster if this amendment is defeated. 

It’s time to get rid of filibuster. You can continue on, it is obvious, but remember that Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, invoked filibuster over 300 times in recent years. It was not during the civil right movement. This was 2020. Evidently, every time they sided with Bull Connor. 


But what is different? The threat of White terror is, obviously. Biden stated that getting rid of voter identification laws is an issue of national security. If you stand in your way, you could be considered a terrorist. The president is back.

JOE BIDEN : I will never yield and I will certainly not flinch. My right to vote will be protected against every enemy, both foreign and domestic.

We will execute enemies within our country. Joe Biden calling other people extremists is quite amusing. It was a message that said: I want total control over your life, or you will be a dangerous radical. This is both funny and not funny. 

Biden Justice Department forms new domestic terrorism unit Video

The Department of Justice had just hours earlier announced that a new unit for domestic terrorism was being formed. It’s what? You can find out more about the site. It is intended to find and punish those who are against the federal government, or otherwise “anti-authority”. Anti-authority? Who’s that? At this stage, it’s all people thinking who aren’t on the federal payroll. This means that you.


This means that all the messages were received by everyone. Voters should have I.D. If you think voters should show I.D. at polling places, the FBI could hear from you because you are a danger. Speaking papers should be aware that COVID papers (or speaking papers) are mandatory. This is because they aren’t racist and aren’t like drivers licenses. They are essential and holy. 

Muriel Bowser, Washington, D.C.’s mayor, has just declared that you are no longer permitted to go outside without proof of vaccination. Let me give you the details: We’ll require these three documents before we leave Saturday: Photo I.D., Proof of vaccination (12 year old), and proof of vaccination. (16 years) and a mask. If you don’t, we will take your body. Muriel Bowser is that, and she’s not dangerously extremist. It’s not possible for her because she loyally supports the regime.

This article was adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on the January 11, 2022 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight.


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