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Youngkin congratulated by top Republicans, including Pence, Paul, Cotton, Haley

Top Republicans including Pence and Paul, Cotton, Haley congratulate Youngkin


Republicans congratulated VirginiaGlenn Youngkin, the GOP nominee for Governor after defeating Terry McAuliffe as Democratic nominee, was elected Tuesday night.

Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tweeted, “I was proud of endorsement @GlennYoungkin.” “His win tonight is a clear and much needed signal for personal freedom and that parents are the deciders of their children’s education and future.”

Youngkin beat McAuliffe who was governor of Virginia from 2014-2018. This despite commonwealth tending more toward Democrats in the past decade.


On Twitter, Sen. Tom Cotton (R- Ark.) wrote, “Congratulations Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears for their resounding wins.” Their leadership will be a benefit to the Virginians. Thank you to Biden & Garland for the assist! Domestic terrorists are not something parents who feel concerned don’t enjoy being called. “Who would have thought?”

Virginia’s election in the off-year is widely regarded as an indicator of voters’ positions ahead of midterm elections. This is especially true after 2020, when the White House control was transferred to the Democrats.

Mike Pence (ex-Vice President) recently spoke at the event and said that Youngkin’s win was evidence of a conservative comeback.

Congratulations to Governor Glenn Youngkinon an amazing victory!” Glenn will be a great servant to the Old Dominion with his common-sense Conservative policies which will help families and parents as well as hardworking Virginians. Pence stated that the Conservative Comeback was HERE. 

Nikki Haley, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who also formerly served as the governor of South Carolina, also weighed in, expressing optimism that Youngkin would take Virginia in the right direction.


Haley tweeted, “Congratulations @GlennYoungkin!” He is an absolute rockstar, and Virginia will be proud of him!”

After Youngkin won the first statewide election for the GOP in more than a decade, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri called Youngkin’s victory a potential “political earthquake”.

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Hawley suggested that “This could prove to be a major political seismic event.”

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