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The Hawleys get vulnerable on family life in new 'This is Living' podcast: 'Not a political hot takes show'

The Hawleys get vulnerable on family life in new 'This is Living' podcast: 'Not a political hot takes show'


By launching a podcast Monday, Sen. Josh Hawley and Erin Hawley of Missouri are entering uncharted territory for politicians. It will allow them to “pull back” the curtain on their lives beyond Capitol Hill.

“This is Living with Josh and Erin Hawley,” the couple told Fox News Digital, was “a joint idea” they had been mulling over for some time. They will be able to share their experiences in raising their children, two boys and a girl aged 11 months and six years respectively.

Sen. Hawley stated, “We thought that it would be really fun and to perhaps pull back a little bit on our lives and family life and just our day-to-day activities.” “It isn’t a political show. It’s also not a comment. But it really is about our daily lives.”


Erin said that it’s “about our journey and our adventures.” It’s all about intentional marriage, how to have children, and having a balanced life. 

Erin, however, stated she was a little frustrated by the use of “balance”, as she believes that you can’t balance your children. 

The Hawleys spoke out about Capitol Hill’s constant madness and how they make sure to spend time with their families.

Erin stated that Josh is almost always available for dinner. Erin said that Josh does a lot TV, interviews a lot, and is often home to make dinner. Then he can usually be there to put the boys to sleep and have a late night. It is a sweet ritual where he reads and prays alongside them.

Fox reported that Erin was a mother to three children and a lawyer. Although they both have busy lives, the senators said they make it a point to “be intentional about what season they’re currently in.”

Sen. Josh Hawley and wife Erin launch new podcast, 'This Is Living'

Senator Hawley added another reason why they chose to start the venture: To stop the progress of progressive family views.

He stated that conservatives talk about politics a lot, as well as what progressives and left are doing. Also, they discuss where the country is going and attack in many ways family strength. “What is it I’m trying to conserve?…The answer is it’s about family, things that matter most to us in life. It’s all about faith. And it’s also about our community’s and neighbor’s lives. Many families struggle through these times, but they are doing their best to keep them there.


The topics that they will discuss in “This Is Living”, are technology, the home and dealing with loss and grieving – Mrs. Hawley stated she hopes these conversations would be “encouraging.”

Sen. Hawley said that their conversations will be influenced by faith because they would have to screen their podcast for dishonesty.

He said, “It would have been strange for us. If we want to make a show about ourselves and our lives, our families, then we will need to discuss our faith, because it is so important to us.”

A father, senator discovered, allowed him to reach out and find common ground between legislators from the other side.

His Democrat colleague, who has younger children or whose children are older, gave him some of his best advice. 

“I had a couple of senators in particular from the other side of the aisle in my first year, which was 2019, seek me out and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got kids that are about your age, or maybe they’re a few years older now but here’s things we did that sort of worked for our family, and I really appreciated that,” Hawley added. 


Hawley was asked if the podcast would ever touch politics and he replied, “by implication.”

“It’s not a current events show, and so inevitably the things that we talk about – politics will be a backdrop – so there’s inevitably going to be a sort of discussion of those things because that’s how we live our lives and I think that some of the things we talk about that affect families, talk about raising kids for instance…there could be policy implications for some of that, but that’s really not the focus of the show.”

Apple Podcasts, Spreaker and Spotify will have “This is Living”, as well as Spotify, iHeartRadio. YouTube will host each episode’s video.

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