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Judge Jeanine: Rittenhouse verdict had America breathing a sigh of relief

Rittenhouse verdict: Judge Jeanine says it’reinforced the fundamental faith of our American criminal justice system’


Jeanine Pirro, host of “Justice With Judge Jeanine”, stated Saturday night that Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict was “not guilty,” and she said this in her first monologue.


JEANINE PIRRO The case was one of vigilantism, with all its negative connotations. To me, it was my wheelhouse under a microscope – the criminal justice system openly displayed before a nation. The case of the 17-year old who shot three people was not enough. It was about whether or not the rule-of-law and rule of self defense were still valid and in what situations an individual can legally defend themselves. This case is a microcosm for the tensions currently playing in America. According to the president of the United States, Kyle Rittenhouse was a White supremacist. According to the mainstream media, Kyle was referred to as a “White supremacist” by President Donald Trump. Many of us believed there wasn’t justice in America at that time, when anarchy and chaos seemed to reign on our streets and Black Lives Matter members were able to burn and tear down businesses without fear. We lost our hope when ordinary taxpaying Americans saw Marxists, Socialists, and Racists decimate our communities. We were fueled to our anxiety by lies by mainstream media and a prosecutor who lied about the facts. A star witness in his case and outside protestors within hearing range of jurors, clearly intended to intimidate them. It was a question of whether mob justice would be followed by genuine justice.

All that was changed by Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict of “not guilty”. America witnessed the triumph of the criminal justice system, 12 courageous jurors, and their willingness to take the oath. Their verdict was based on both the facts and the law. America breathed a sigh relief, as Lady Justice had been blinded to the claims made by the liars. She only heard the facts and evidence. We are grateful that jurors were able to deliver a truthful verdict. They also strengthened our faith in American’s criminal justice systems, which is a credit to God.



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