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Rep. Mike Gallagher: Let's get to the truth on China, COVID – Biden, Fauci must be honest with American people

Rep. Mike Gallagher: Let's get to the truth on China, COVID – Biden, Fauci must be honest with American people


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The National Institutes of Health finally admitted last week what has been abundantly obvious: taxpayer dollars supported gain-of-function research through Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, potentially in Wuhan. 

In an important letter to House Republican committee leaders, NIH put the blame squarely on EcoHealth for failing to report experiments conducted with federal funding that led to an increase in the pathogenicity (or infectiousness) of a coronavirus – a direct violation of the terms of its grant. NIH said that EcoHealth would receive five days’ notice to publish any data or work that was not published from these experiments.  

While NIH’s belated admission is a step forward, the letter raises more questions than it answers. 


We don’t know for one when NIH found EcoHealth conducting the gain of function research outlined in this letter. According to the letter, NIH was not aware of EcoHealth’s experiments until EcoHealth sent a progress report on August 20, 21. However, August was almost two years ago.  

The NIH is well aware of the public’s interest in this topic. If they were willing to keep this fact quiet for two months – and remember, they only disclosed this revelation in response to a congressional inquiry – it is worth asking whether Dr. Anthony Fauci had knowledge of this gain-of-function experiment when he testified under oath in July that the U.S. government had never funded any gain-of-function research in Wuhan.  


This raises another question: Why haven’t Dr. Fauci or the NIH been more open to this information? 

NIH asserts a lot about the source of the pandemic in the letter. However, it admits that there is only limited information. NIH strongly states that EcoHealth research funded by NIH cannot possibly have been connected to the origins the pandemic because of genetic differences with COVID-19.  

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Yet EcoHealth’s Publiziert Research is just half of the story. EcoHealth is like all research organizations. It has a lot of data that was gathered during experimentation, but it did not get published. To have been a pandemic, a virus strain does not need to be publicly published. 

NIH understands this. EcoHealth has been required by NIH to provide “any unpublished data” from experiments or work done under the award. Clearly the NIH recognizes that unpublished research may hold valuable clues. Instead of being honest with Congress about the need for more information in order to fully understand what has happened, NIH presents a fake veneer of security that says there is no link between federally-funded research and the pandemic. Again: We are asking why

There’s a third obvious question here. In chastising EcoHealth for its lack of disclosure – including a progress report that was delivered more than two years late – NIH states that “Additional compliance efforts continue.”

These questions are not mine to be answered. Today’s most pressing question is about the origin of the pandemic. 

This is a staggering statement. NIH found EcoHealth had violated its federal contract, failed to submit a progress report within two years, and the only slap NIH could muster was that it continues “additional compliance activities.” This is the norm for grantees. Is NIH’s oversight over its $42 billion budget this lax across the board? Oder is EcoHealth being given special treatment Why

These questions are not mine to be answered. This is the biggest question the world faces today: Where did the pandemic begin? Many Republican colleagues, including members of the House Oversight, Energy and Commerce and Intelligence Committees, have been diligent and critical in their oversight efforts to uncover answers. For some reason, however, federal bureaucracy doesn’t seem to care about the evidence that is directly before it. 


There are no easy answers. China’s government is trying desperately to shift blame for the pandemic on the United States. They first accuse the U.S. military wildly, then they target Maine lobsters, with no irony. Arguments that downplay China’s culpability for the virus directly and materially support the CCP’s ridiculous propaganda campaigns and allow the Party to skate by without accountability. 

While we do not yet know why our government – including the Biden administration, which released a farcical one-page shoulder-shrug of a summary after the fanfare of its 90-day COVID origins intelligence review – is taking steps that hinder a true investigation of COVID-19, we do know the cost.  


Without a thorough investigation into the pandemic every day is another day for COVID victims to go unjustified, the Chinese Communist Party escapes accountability and the truth stays buried. 

Enough. It is time for a real investigation – now.  



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