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Hegseth: The left has normalized criminality

Pete Hegseth asks if any Democrat policies actually make Americans’ lives better


Fox News’ Pete Hegseth referred to the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack by a radical BLM member as “the beginning of the revolution” during Wednesday night’s opening monologue on “Hannity.”


PETE HEGSETH It is pure evil to call a “revolution” if it starts by killing innocent children and old people in a Christmas parade. But even in the aftermath of this tragedy, the White House is refusing to back down from their destructive and dangerous push to end cash bail, with one White House official telling Fox News, …”Ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the streets.” We are grateful for your thoughtful clarification. This is the Biden/Harris team’s latest deception about word salad. Remember Harris was the one who advocated a fund to help violent protesters in Minneapolis in 2020, while building were still on fire. So tonight, ask yourself: Is there any policy…being pushed by the far-left that actually improves the lives of middle- and working-class Americans? Do you know of any? Literally, just one. Literally, only one. Their media allies continue to support and amplify this reckless radicalism. 

…[A]fter a wave of shoplifting by brazen criminals out in northern California, members of the media…don’t even want us to use the term “looting” anymore. Look at this headline taken from an ABC7 Bay Area article. “Experts” – always the experts – “caution use of ‘looting’ in describing rash of Bay Area smash-and-grabs.” Don’t believe your lying eyes, it’s…mostly peaceful shoplifting after all. Don’t forget, This is the inevitable consequence of left-leaning normalizations of crime and property loss. Is it time to call the destruction of statues “community revitalization?” However, the former President Trump had warned us it would happen. Removing statues of Thomas Jefferson happened just right here…in New York City just this week and other statues all across America [have also been removed]. It wouldn’t end with Confederate statues, he said. It’d go all the ways to our founders. He’s right. These are all the fruits of the same poisonous plant. This is part of a bigger plan to destroy America. It aims to take down America’s most precious institutions. We also want to remove America’s sense and patriotism. These values include freedom of speech and the right to free enterprise. Their ultimate goal? Their ultimate goal? To demoralize and destroy everyday Americans and force them to follow an agenda determined to make their far-left dreams a reality. There are some positive news, however. Americans across America who are common sense and have risen to the occasion. They are often present on Fox and Friends mornings. They are standing for patriotism. They are standing for the cause of prosperity. They are standing for property and the vision of the Founding Fathers. 



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