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Owner of fake hitman website used by Michigan woman looking to kill ex-husband says it’s a ‘personal mission’

Owner of fake hitman website used by Michigan woman looking to kill ex-husband says it’s a ‘personal mission’


A fictitious website that offers contract killing services claims it is operated by a man who has been alerting authorities for years to potential clients seeking to assassinate their family members or enemies. He says this has become his “personal mission”. 

Rent-A-Hitman is claimed to be owned by Guido Fanelli but it’s actually operated by Bob Ines. This Californian man notifies authorities of any fatal inquiries that he receives. This site promises to provide “customizable options for all situations” and fake client testimonials are provided by people who had issues with cheating spouses and disgruntled employees. 

Fox News reported that Ines started the website in 2005, as part of an unsuccessful cyber-security startup. He said that he found the site’s email inbox full of 250 to 300 messages from around the globe, including some seeking jobs, hitman information and dates. 


The British woman claimed that she had been stranded on the Canadian coast and was seeking to have three of her family members murdered for cheating her out of an inheritance. This was his first serious case. 

Ines explained that this was what prompted her to create a website. The website saves lives and costs $9.20. This has become a sort of personal mission.

In 2018, a Virginia man asked for his ex-girlfriend’s death and the murder of her parents. Ines stated that he also requested the kidnapping of his infant daughter in order to raise him as his own. He was sentenced at the age of 10 to prison. 

People continue to fall for this ruse, despite being mentioned in media articles such as Rolling Stone. 

My clientele doesn’t read or watch the news, I think. Ines stated that she believes they are determined to cause harm to other people. It’s been this way for many years. People still submit service requests. It’s amazing.”

Wendy Wein, 51, allegedly tried to contract a hitman on the "Rent-A-Hitman" website to kill her ex-husband, prosecutors said. 

An alleged hitman hired by the website for her ex-husband’s murder was one of his clients. He pleaded guilty this month. Wendy Wein (a Michigan resident of 52 years old) admitted solicitation to murder and illegally using a computer in order to assist a crime. She faces nine year imprisonment. 

Wein, like others who have come before her filled out a form for assistance with an “issue.” Ines reached out to authorities who looked into the matter. Wein, a state trooper pretending to be a hitman met with Ines and offered him $5,000 for his help. 

Ines stated that she had never spoken to the ex-husband, but that she hoped he was well. 

According to the Michigan State Police, Wein provided an upfront payment for the travel expenses of the undercover trooper at her July 2020 arrest. 


Ines explained that as part of his last-chance effort, he offers clients the chance to cancel before they get into serious trouble. His website has several warning signs that anyone should be aware of before proceeding with any plan that may lead to death or prison sentence. 

You will see a statement at the bottom that claims the business has been removed from the Diners Club. This is Alec Baldwin (who accidentally shot and fatally killed a worker in New Mexico on October 10th) and Kyle Rittenhouse (who was found not guilty of murdering two and injuring another in Kenosha in Wisconsin last year because of “contractual limitations”.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (or IC3) has a link that asks users if they believe their credit card numbers have been stolen. The website also boasts that the company has 17,985 operatives in the United States — the number of police agencies nationwide, Ines said.

The website says it complies with HIPPA, the “Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964,” which doesn’t exist, and is a play on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, an actual federal law that created national standards to protect sensitive patient health information. 

The operator of Rent-A-Hitman alerts authorities to inquiries from those trying to harm others. 


According to Michigan authorities, the website prevented 130 more murders. Wein will spend as much as nine years behind bars when she is sentenced to prison in January. 


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