Friday, January 21, 2022
No. 6 Arizona pulls away to beat Colorado

No. No.


Arizona suffered a lapse in concentration to end the first period. They lost a majority of their 15 point lead. For the second half, Arizona was outplayed by the Wildcats. They used their defense to win over Colorado.

Justin Kier had 14 points and Azoulas Tublis scored 14. Six Arizona beat Colorado in halftime for a 76–55 victory Thursday night.

Although the Wildcats (13-0, Pac-12), dominated the early stages, the Buffaloes were able to get back into it. The Wildcats used a huge run in the second half to win. Arizona’s best start since 2015-16 was marked by a 51% shot and 20 field goal assists.

Coach Tommy Lloyd of Arizona said, “We began the game with a good effort but then we let our guard down.” “The men responded, and they played an excellent second half. Especially defensively. For us it’s no secret: defense is a kick starter (for) our offense.”


Colorado (3-12, 1-14) recovered well from the slow start of the first half but was unable to bounce back in second. This left McKale Center with an 11-game winless streak. Another poor shooting performance by the Buffaloes from the perimeter saw them finish 4-20 from 3. Colorado has shot 28% in the arc over the six previous games.

K.J., a former Arizona signee. Simpson scored 17 points for Colorado.

Tad Boyle, Colorado’s coach said that “we were taking a lot more bad shots and a lot more quick shots.” A quick shot inside a building can be likened to a turnover, especially when you’re doing that on the road. “We had too many poor, fast shots in the second part.”

Arizona struggled with Washington’s defense zone in the first game after a 16-day hiatus. They turned it over 21 occasions. However, all else was fine for the Wildcats as they shot 55% and assisted on 28 out of 33 field goals. The win in 95-79 was a victory for Arizona.

Arizona was able to get off to an excellent start against Colorado. The Buffaloes were held without a field for close to six minutes, forcing seven early turnovers and allowing Arizona to build a 15 point lead.

The turnover problems of the Wildcats were then back.

Arizona was good with the ball and started to give it away. Colorado took advantage of this and ran a 12-2 run that cut the lead down from 29 to 26. By scoring 10 points on the Wildcats’ first eight turnovers in the half, Colorado turned what seemed to be heading toward a loss into a manageable 32-30 at halftime.

Tubelis stated, “We started well, but we cannot let down.” We must continue to be consistent and keep the momentum going.

Arizona made the situation difficult by playing better ball care and scoring 7 out of 12 of their first twelve shots. After opening the second period with a 15-4 win, Arizona went up 49-34. The Wildcats made it impossible for any second-half comeback.

Arizona defeated the Buffaloes with several backdoor moves and used slow defensive rotations in the second half to make 17 out of 30 shots. After grabbing 15, the Wildcats took control of the boards, while Colorado was able to shoot 3 out 12 shots from the arc.

Simpson claimed that they came out much stronger. We kind of let our guard down once they had the lead. “We can’t do this.”


Colorado found itself in an awkward spot due to slow start in both halves. For a tough start against Pac-12’s best teams, the Buffaloes came back in the first period but could not recover in the second.

Arizona overcame its initial turnover problems to win the second half at McKale Center.


Simpson signed with Arizona while Sean Miller was the coach, but he never played in Tucson. After Lloyd was hired, Simpson moved to Boulder.

Simpson was able to ignore the chatter of Arizona fans and continued playing aggressively even though he had just come off the bench. Simpson finished the game 5-11 from the floor and had four assists.

“I just kept my head, knew I didn’t want to focus on what the crowd was saying,” he said. I knew that it would be hyped up in there. It was all about the court. Now, let’s talk to our guys.

It was difficult to sit out when I felt that I had so much more than I could give. This was taken from me and I did not want to accept it as a given.


Colorado plays at Arizona State on Saturday.

Arizona faces Utah on Saturday


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