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Newt Gingrich highlights Biden's incompetence 'in virtually every area'

Newt Gingrich highlights Biden’s incompetence “in practically every area”


Despite the fact that polls show President Biden’s approval is below average in many states, Hillary Clinton was seen in the media to praise her fellow Democrat’s achievements despite an administration showing incompetence.[ce]In every aspect,” Newt Geingrich ex-House Speaker said Wednesday.

Gingrich stated to “Hannity” that Clinton’s comments were incongruous on MSNBC. However, Jen Granholm (Biden’s Energy Secretary) was unable to declare the daily oil consumption of the U.S. despite being part of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve minor release this week.

On MSNBC, Clinton claimed Americans are frustrated with the “messy process of legislation” and “didn’t really appreciate that within a year the Biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the House and the Senate.”

Clinton then went on to criticize Republicans and Biden opponents for “demagoguery” and “disinformation” they purportedly “exploited” upon a “vulnerab”.[le] electorate.”

Gingrich responded that the United States is working with a Democratic Party which has a political system of “semireligious belief systems” that supports big government and socialism.

He said that Socialism is a system with its own logic. “They don’t think very far ahead. You need to master 4-dimensional chess in order to become a leader at the highest level of chess, so they are unable to even play tic tac toe. Granholm was a perfect example. [too].”

Granholm’s responses to questions were compared to the response of Vice President Kamala Harir’s nervous laughter during answering questions.

“In an administration which was competent [Granholm]It would have been gone. The administration incompetent at almost every level is what she is a further example of. Incompetent and incompetent on the borders, incompetent to exit Afghanistan and with inflation. What makes you think she is more competent than the rest?

Clinton was, however, compared to Gingrich’s statement that Clinton “represents sour grapes from the past as well as the classic Democratic viewpoint.”

She doesn’t know how the world works. “She doesn’t even know what it means to be truthful about such things.”

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm speaks during the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference, annual meeting of all the IAEA member states, at the agency's headquarters in Vienna, Austria on September 20, 2021. (Photo by JOE KLAMAR / AFP) 

Gingrich said that Biden has net-positive votes in just a few mostly blue states and net-negative ratings in all swing states including Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

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Gingrich declared, “The truth is that big-government socialism doesn’t work.” They can’t claim that.”


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