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New year, same failed Biden policies at our southern border—and things will only get worse in 2022

New year, same failed Biden policies at our southern border—and things will only get worse in 2022


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We’ve entered a new year, but we are still seeing the old, failed policies along America’s southern border that created one of the worst security crises in our nation’s history. 

Together with many attorneys general across the country, we are making every effort to safeguard our communities. However, the disasters will not stop in 2022.


Americans ought to be very alarmed at the man-made disasters that the Biden Administration continues to promote at our border with South America. Incentivizing illegal immigration in our country is the Biden government’s deliberate disregard of federal laws. 

While there are varying theories about what it may be hoping to achieve, we don’t know for sure. We do know that America is suffering from lawlessness on several fronts. All Americans now face increasing dangers due to illegal drugs and criminals who are entering their communities. 

More than 11,000 pounds of fentanyl seized at border in 2021 Video

We are currently seeing more dangerous and illegal drugs enter our country right now than we have ever seen before. In cases related to drug trafficking, 320 people have been indicted by Arizona law enforcement since July 2021. Two men were arrested in the case of $1.7 Million worth of fentanyl drugs seized at a traffic stop. In a northwestern Arizona Drug Trafficking Ring, 22 people were indicted. Last month, we seized around 300,000 fentanyl tablets and firearms. That’s two milligrams fentanyl, which can kill someone.

More than 6,000,000 people could have been killed by this seizure. Even more alarming is the realization that these are only the drugs we were able to intercept and seize—what about the drugs we don’t? These drugs are slowly creeping into communities, schools and homes of our family members.

Border agents seize more fentanyl than heroin in 2021 for first time Video

American families are experiencing rising prices for gasoline and groceries, while heroin and fentanyl costs on the streets is decreasing due to increased supply. These counterfeit drugs, which are often laced deadly fentanyl, can look almost identical to prescribed medication. The pills can be bought by drug dealers for less than two dollars per dose and then sold to local customers for $5 to $10 each.

It’s clear that there is no financial barrier for most people to acquire the drugs. Statistics show that in Arizona at the moment, children are far more likely to overdose on drugs than other safety and public health crises.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent monitors detainees at Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas, July 12, 2019.  

The illegal entry of hardened criminals and gang members into the country is another danger that threatens the homeland. It is known that migrants are coming in regularly and border agents have arrested suspected terrorists. It is not only known that immigrants are coming from Mexico, but also other countries.


Also, it is clear that the whole situation is helping to enrich violent cartels who operate along both border sides with near impunity. They also show utter disregard for human lives. The identities of thousands upon thousands of people who cross illegally the border every month to escape detection are something we don’t yet know. 

Is it possible that dangerous criminals already have entered the country? Will terrorists who were recently freed from Afghanistan jails make it to our border with Mexico? The potential answers to these questions should chill every American, but the federal government doesn’t seem to care about the grave implications.


From the first year, President Joe Biden learned one important lesson. He should stop listening in to the ear of bureaucrats. Instead, confront real American concerns. You may have time to save lives and avoid tragedies here at home.

The time has come for federal top officials to cease playing politics and to honor their oaths to the people they have sworn. I truly hope that the Biden Administration’s top New Year’s resolution will be to secure the border and protect Americans. Our citizens deserve nothing less.



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