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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reveals she underwent surgery to remove skin cancer: 'I am going to be absolutely fine'

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reveals she underwent surgery to remove skin cancer: 'I am going to be absolutely fine'


Rachel Maddow from MSNBC began her Wednesday show with a confession that she had recently undergone skin cancer treatment. 

Maddow started to address the “personal issue” by recalling her experience at a minor-league baseball game “a few months back” and her companion Susan’s “poking me in the neck”, and how it made her notice how her mole had “changed.”

Susan dismissed Susan’s worries quickly and Susan said to Maddow: “No, the mole has changed.” It’s been 22 years since we were together, and the mole has definitely changed. “I know it,” she said, and asked her hairdresser if they noticed the difference. 


The long story is that Susan was correct and Diane was right. I went to the dermatologist… did a biopsy, turns out it was skin cancer,” Maddow said. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in America. The vast majority are treatable and removable. But here’s the thing I’m going to tell you. Even the most deadly types of skin cancer, such as those that spread to other areas of the body and try to kill, are now much more manageable if they are caught early. Even the most dangerous forms of skin carcinoma can be managed. It is possible to treat it if you catch it early. The last few years have seen incredible advances. Skin cancer, like I said, there’s a lot of different kinds of skin cancer. The good news is that even the worst types are much easier to treat than before. And if you get them early, they’re almost all completely treatable.”

Maddow “introduced” viewers to her Bandaid after her Friday operation. 

“I’m going to be totally fine. Maddow declared, “I am going to be absolutely fine. That is why I have a band-aid.”

MSNBC’s host stated that she felt fine after surgery, but she did not return to the air later in the evening due to the sight of her bandage. However, she said that she had “asked” for her appearance on her Wednesday show. 

Maddow begged her viewers, “I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that you need to get checked.” “If you’ve got moles like I do, just get on a schedule with your doctor. Schedule a check now with your doctor and then when your doctor tells you you’re fine but you should do this every year, put it in the calendar in your phone for a year from now and then actually come back and do that follow-up appointment. You know what I’m talking about, right? You know there’s all this stuff that you should regularly check, and you do it once and never again because they tell you you’re fine, that’s this guy right here. It’s only by the grace of Susan that I found mine in enough time that it was totally treatable. Because I have been blowing off my appointments forever to get stuff like that checked because I’ve assumed it will always be fine. In this instance, Susan checked it. Thank God. “I recognize that not everyone has a Susan.” 


You should have this checked out by your doctor. Don’t ignore it. Honestly, it is the easiest doctor’s appointment in the world of all the things you go to the doctor for… Again, lots of Americans get skin cancer. The deadliest of skin cancers would love to try to kill you if you don’t catch them and they get to run wild. But if you get even those worst kinds of skin cancer early, which is the easiest thing in the world as far as doctor’s visits go, if you get it early, you can murder it instead of it murdering you,” Maddow added. 

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