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Liz Peek: Biden team off to UN climate summit as their green energy policies fuel inflation at home

Liz Peek: The Biden team will attend the UN Climate Summit as their green energy policies drive inflation at home


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It’s good news! Good news! Although the transportation secretary is absent due to inflation in China and the empty shelves of stores, he’ll be speaking out on carbon emission reductions.  

Pete will not go alone to COP26, which starts Nov. 1 in Scotland. He will join Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack as well as Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and USAID Administrator Samantha Power.  

All told, thirteen cabinet members and senior White House officials will travel to Glasgow. This is quite a bit of firepower. 

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It is likely that the United States will spend its remaining firepower making harmful promises about curbing U.S. fuel production and consumption. Americans will be forced to pay more to heat their homes and drive their cars.  

The White House emissaries may add to Biden’s pledge made earlier this year to cut emissions by 50% to 52% by 2030. That represented a drastic near-doubling of President Obama’s 2015 promise to reduce emissions by 26% to 28% by 2025 – a goal we are not even halfway to meeting. 


Global warming will not be slowed by setting such high targets. President Biden admitted as much in April, when he acknowledged that 85% of emissions come from outside the U.S. and confessed, “That’s why I kept my commitment to rejoin the Paris accord, because [even] if we do everything perfectly, it’s not going to matter.” 

He’s right. Our efforts will be dwarfed by China’s ongoing construction of more coal-fired power plants and by India’s fossil-fueled push to deliver a higher standard of living to its people. 

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The astonishing aspect of this year’s U.N, climate gathering is that it comes amid the worst global energy crisis in decades, brought on by the very policies the climate zealots will embrace in Glasgow.   

Liberal media enthusiasts who support the Green New Deal have downplayed global energy crises; in particular, they don’t want to reveal what caused it.  

The event that sent European and eventually Asian electricity and natural gas prices soaring – is that the wind stopped blowing in the North Sea. It is an actual fact. 

About one quarter of U.K.’s electricity is generated by offshore wind towers; for six weeks in August, the wind died.  

Rising inflation is a problem for the Biden administration, which may be due to higher energy prices.

Brits began to search for natural gas substitutes for their missing wind energy. That commodity shot up six-fold in price, driven by the resulting surge in demand and also because last year’s chilly European winter depleted storage and available product. In just one night, the cost of electricity increased in England by more than twofold. 

Europe was hit hard by a shortage of natural gases. Germans begged Vladimir Putin for additional imports. The Russian despot refused. This embarrassed Germany’s Angela Merkel who, before leaving office, promoted the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, guaranteeing that Putin in the future would have even greater control over Europe’s power. 


The 600% rise in EU gas prices, thanks to LNG and natural gas becoming a global product has led prices to skyrocket in Asia. China was a major contributor to this rise, angrily blocking crucial imports of coal from Australia. This happened after Canberra had dared question COVID-19’s source. Beijing also had to use natural gas as a substitute for coal, which caused more shortages.  

Democrats are pushing to spend hundreds billions of millions of dollars on “green” projects as part of their $3.5 trillion bill for social infrastructure. Most of this money will go to wind energy. However, no one wants to acknowledge that increased dependence on renewables such as solar and wind comes with risks.  

Instead we’ll hear much climate hype from COP26.  For instance, on the forum’s website under “5 Firsts for Climate Change” is this, from January 2020: “In Delhi on Monday, Dec. 30, the temperature fell to 9.4 degrees Celsius. It was the lowest recorded temperature there. The head of the Indian Meteorological Department said the temperature was almost half of what is considered normal at this time of year… the unusual weather is thought to be down to pollution and global warming.” 

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You got it? Due to global warming, the world has seen its coldest temperatures in decades. 

Greta Thumbberg is another speaker. At 16 she embarrassed the audience by saying that the promises of net-zero emissions were “misleading”, as they did not include transport, shipping, and the production of goods. 

Greta was correct, however, she like many climate alarmists refuses to admit that all of the world is still dependent on fossil fuels. Many people don’t want to travel on a sailboat. 

Rising inflation is a problem for the Biden administration, which has some blamed on higher energy prices. Biden won the election because of doubled oil prices and a 7-year high gasoline price. 

Biden, whose approval ratings are plummeting, tried unsuccessfully to get OPEC production to increase, even though he had already enacted measures to limit our own oil-and gas output.  

Meanwhile, governors around the U.S. have nixed the construction of natural gas pipelines, denying their states’ residents relatively clean and cheap fuel.   


This reckless policy may be favored by climate extremists but it will harm all Americans. 

Let us hope that at least one of the Biden 13 heading to Glasgow has a realistic grasp of America’s greatest geopolitical advantage and understands the need to promote and protect our inexpensive and abundant energy resources. Judging from the White House’s actions so far, that seems unlikely. 


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