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Jimmy Hoffa mystery: A look at theories as FBI investigates possible lead

Jimmy Hoffa mysteries: The FBI looks into possible leads


The FBI’s confirmation last week that it was looking at a spot near a New Jersey landfill as the possible burial site of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa is the latest development in a search that began when he disappeared in 1975.

Fox NewsFox Nation reports that Hoffa’s burial place was being investigated by the FBI.

These revelations were part of Fox Nation’s series “Riddle, The Search For James R. Hoffa” and they were the subject of the fourth episode available via the streaming service.

Fox Nation hired a ground-penetrating-radar company, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, in March 2020 to conduct a underground survey of the location, with a technician describing large pieces of round metal that could be a 55-gallon drum Hoffa was said to have been buried in.


In a statement, the FBI stated that the FBI had obtained a search warrant from the FBI to perform a site survey beneath the Pulaski skyway. On October 25th-26th, FBI agents from Newark’s and Detroit field offices conducted the survey. This data is currently being examined. We are not able to give any further information because the court sealed the supporting affidavit for the search warrant.

There have been many theories regarding Hoffa’s disappearance since his report. However, most of them are tied to book release. These are just a few of the most interesting theories:


Anthony Provenzano, a New Jersey mob leader, ordered Hoffa’s death. Hoffa’s body was crushed into pieces and sent to Florida where it was dumped in a swamp.

Who did it? 

Charles Allen was a self-described mafia killer who spent time in prison with Hoffa. He also participated in federal witness protection and told his story to the U.S. Senate Committee in 1982.


Although the FBI did not find enough evidence to back the claim, questions were raised regarding Allen’s attempts to profit from the story.

In this file photo taken on July 24, 1975, Jimmy Hoffa poses for a photo. Police will be taking soil core samples at a home in Roseville, Mich., in search of the remains of the missing Teamsters boss. (Tony Spina/Detroit Free Press/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)


Hoffa was buried in East Rutherford’s Giants Stadium Section 107, New Jersey.

It was who put it forward: 

In a 1989 interview with Playboy magazine, Donald Frankos describes himself as a hit man.


The FBI found nothing to support the claim and didn’t bother to show up when the stadium was demolished in 2010.

Jim Kossler, an FBI agent said that the information was brought to our attention by FBI agents. “We debated it but in the end we all agreed that this man wasn’t reliable.” “We were able to prove to our mind that what he was telling us couldn’t have happened because he either couldn’t have been there or he was in jail at the time.”



Hoffa was abducted by ″either federal marshals or federal agents,″ driven to a nearby airport and dropped out of a plane, possibly into one of the Great Lakes that surround Michigan.

Who did it? 

Former Hoffa aide and strong-arm Joseph Franco in the 1987 book ″Hoffa’s Man.″


Other than Franco’s word, there was nothing to support his claim.

A Chicago Tribune review of the book put it this way: “Former New York Times reporter Richard Hammer, who helped Franco with the book, candidly writes in the introduction that the stories have the ‘ring of truth.’ Maybe, but they also reek of something else.”



Frank Sheeran, a former ally of Hoffa, killed him at his Detroit home. The 2019 film “The Irishman” was based on key parts of this story.

It was who put it forward: Sheeran.


Bloomfield Township police ripped up floorboards at the house in 2004, but the FBI crime lab concluded that blood found on them was not Hoffa’s.



Richard Kuklinski (a New Jersey mob savior) killed Hoffa at Michigan’s border. The body was later found and taken to New Jersey. It was then sold for scrap metal.

Who did it? 

Kuklinski, who claimed that in his 2006 book, The Ice Man: Confessions Of A Mafia Contract killer,” he got $40,000 for killing.

Outcome:The Record of Bergen County in New Jersey was told by the former chief of organized criminal investigations at the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice that he had doubts about the claims.

They took one body from Detroit where there is one of the largest lakes and drove it back to New Jersey. Come on,” Bob Buccino said.


Theory: Hoffa was killed and his body was buried beneath a swimming pool in Oakland County’s Hampton Township.

Who did it? Richard C. Powell used to reside on the property. He was currently in Saginaw County Prison without parole and serving life for 1982 Saginaw County Homicide.

Outcome: The backhoe was used by police to dig under the pool in 2003. But, there were no traces of Hoffa. Powell was taken by police to the spot and placed in handcuffs. Then-Bay County Prosecutor Joseph K. Sheeran told the Bay City (Michigan) Times that Powell “didn’t have any connection to Hoffa at all” and that the convict just wanted a few moments of fame.


Theory: Hoffa’s killers buried him beneath the 73-story Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

Who did it?Marvin Elkind was self-described as a “chauffeur and goon to mob bosses” by the author of “The Weasel, A Double Life in Mob.”

Outcome: The building, home to General Motors’ headquarters, stands and the claim has never been taken seriously.


Theory: Hoffa’s body was found in an abandoned grave in Oakland Township 25 miles north-east of Detroit.

Who did it?Tony Zerilli, a reputed Mafia leader in “Hoffa Found” online. Zerilli was in prison for organized crime when Hoffa disappeared, but he claimed he was informed about Hoffa’s whereabouts after his release.

Outcome: FBI, police and other officers spent 2 days excavating the area that didn’t have the barn in 2013. They found nothing.


Theory: Hoffa’s body was delivered to a Jersey City landfill in 1975, placed in a steel drum and buried about 100 yards away on state property that sits below an elevated highway.


It was Dan Moldea (journalist), who wrote extensively on the Hoffa story after he interviewed Frank Cappola. Cappola who passed away in 2020 claims that his father owned the landfill where the body was buried.

Outcome:To be determined. FBI was granted a search warrant for a site survey. It completed it last month, and now is analysing the results. The agency hasn’t said whether it removed anything from the site.

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