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Judge Jeanine: Leftist DAs and legislatures are endangering America

Jeanine, Judge, explains how Americans can prevent Democrats from freeing violent criminals from jail


Judge Jeanine asks the question of why Waukesha’s Christmas massacre occurred and then explains what Americans can do next to protect their communities.

JUDGE JEANINE We don’t know what motivated Darrell Brooks, the assassin who tore through the lives of multiple families, killing six and injuring 60 more, nor do I care to know his motive. What I care about is that Thanksgiving didn’t happen for these families, nor the Christmas holiday these folks began to celebrate on that day. Innocent parade violently stopped by an evil force. This was Waukesha Wisconsin. It didn’t need to happen. 

Tonight I am asking why. Not just because I’m a prosecutor but also because as a mother, Americans should be allowed to attend parades and tree lightings and malls without fear of being killed by a career criminal. Why? People like Darrell Brooks are a lifetime felon, career criminal, and a convicted sexual offender with multiple convictions for firearm and assault offenses. He was also a serial domestic violence abuser with an active warrant to bail jump. After running over his girlfriend, Brooks was released on $1,000 bail. These people are allowed to live violent lives like Brooks last Sunday. Why?

I’ll tell you why. Brooks and other evil degenerates are a danger to us all. This is because Democrat leftist politicians, Democrat mayors and progressive Soros-funded DAs allow them to freely roam our streets. They want them to go. They don’t care about you or any other victim. 

When you vote in November, you should not only focus on the president, congressmen, senators and the vice presidency. But, if America is to survive, you must also focus on every township, borough, county, statehouse, state senate, judicial, DA, sheriff, and school board races. These Democrat DAs and legislators will keep criminals from jail.




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