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Ingraham rips Sotomayor's claims about 100,000 COVID-ill children, humans 'like machines spewing virus'

Ingraham denies Sotomayor’s claim that 100,000 children are COVID-ill, and calls them ‘aliens spewing virus’


Laura Ingraham highlighted the Supreme Court Hearing that involved the NFIB supported case against President Biden’s edict requiring that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may fine companies if they refuse to vaccinate their employees.

Ingraham stated Friday that the OSHA rules require businesses employing more than 100 workers to either require vaccination or undergo weekly testing.

This mandate is being opposed by 27 states and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Fact is that federal agencies like OSHA had too much power way before the vaccination debate. Donald Trump wanted many of the burdensome regulations wiped from federal register.

She stated that terms such as “health” or “safety are too general to allow politicians like Biden to use them in their own way, without considering the American citizen’s autonomy.


They can also be used to require or prohibit almost anything. That’s when the court is usually asked to step in.”

The Obama-appointed justice caused headlines on Friday when he claimed that coronavirus is affecting 100,000 children and that ventilators are needed for many.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor stated in an audio session that Omicron can be as fatal and cause as many serious diseases in unvaccinated people as Delta. “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.”

Ingraham observed that while the risk of death from the omicron-derived variant is lower than those in the delta, it could be more dangerous.

“It’s hard to believe someone so misinformed sits on the court, but that’s where we are — 100,000 kids are not in ICUs or on ventilators. That’s about 30-fold more than reality per the HHS,” she said. “Even Anthony Fauci admitted that COVID is not the reason most children are in hospital.

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Ingraham mentioned that Sotomayor’s proclamations included comparing humans to “spewing virus”, and workplace implements to spewing sparks.

“What’s the difference between this and telling employers where sparks are flying in the work place, your workers have to wear a mask?” Sotomayor, 67, asked NFIB attorney Scott Keller.

Keller said, “When sparks start flying there is a machine for that job.”

Ingraham responded, “She’s like a machine spewing idioticy.” I hope she isn’t contagious.”

She later referred to Clinton-appointed Justice Stephen Breyer, who claimed that a delay in the Biden mandate might lead to more COVID infection.

“When they issued this order, there were approximately 70-something-thousand new cases. Yesterday there were nearly 750,000. If we delay it a day, if it were to have effect, then 750,000 more people will have COVID who otherwise, if we didn’t delay it, wouldn’t have,” Breyer, 83, claimed.

Associate Justice Stephen Breyer.

Ingraham replied: 

“Wait, so in Breyer’s warped thinking, if OSHA’s mandate is upheld, all infections would be eliminated?”

You don’t need math or logic to serve as Supreme Court justice.

“You don’t. She said that we are told repeatedly that the judges are the most brilliant legal minds in America. “I’m beginning to have my doubts, especially after hearing th[o]se words leave Justice Sotomayor’s mouth.”


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