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Herbert throws for 382 yards, Chargers hold off Steelers

Herbert throws for 382 yard, Chargers beat Steelers


Justin Herbert, the Los Angeles Chargers’ quarterback, had an uncanny ability to blow double-digit lead and lose in the final minute.

No more.

The Chargers won the game by holding off on the Pittsburgh Steelers, 37 to 41.

Four-quarter victories were the reason for five of six Chargers wins this season. The Chargers lost five of their six games when trailing in the fourth quarter last season.


Brandon Staley first-year coach said, “We had the best stuff at end.” “I feel like we’ve shown real stuff through 10 games. I’m really proud of this group. This was a game that I loved.

Herbert was the fifth NFL-era quarterback to rush for at least 90 yards while passing the ball. The Chargers’ most prolific quarterback, Herbert passed for 382 yards. He also ran for 90.

Herbert completed 31 of 41 passes. It got close, but it was not too serious. The defense had their chances to stop it. “This was an important day for us and our defense made great stops.

Los Angeles (4-4) led 27-10 at the end of the third quarter. The Steelers (5-4-1), however, rallied and took a 3:24 lead to make it 37-34. Chris Boswell’s field goal from 45 yards with 35 seconds left gave the Steelers a 38-34 advantage. Los Angeles, which had taken over at the 25, scored four plays after Herbert found Williams in the safety line between cornerback and safety. Williams, who had five catches for 97 yards, was able to catch the ball from the Steelers’ 36 yard line. He then went unnoticed up the left sideline.

We originally tried to call Keenan an outroute, but the cornerback kept pounding the flat. Justin advised me to be available. Williams had five receptions of 97 yards and was ready.

Austin Ekeler scored four touchdowns in his career and had 115 scrimmage yard (65 receiving, 50 running). In the Super Bowl era, he’s the ninth player with at least 2 rushing or 2 receiving touchdowns per game.

They have now accumulated 533 yards in offense since 2000, making them their fourth most prolific team. The Steelers also allowed 833 yards in this game, which is tied for eighth in their history.

Steelers receiver Diontae Jackson, who had seven receptions for 101 yards said that “I thought” they had them. “But it’s football. Stuff is going to happen, and we didn’t respond like we were supposed to.”

After missing the game against Detroit last week because of COVID-19, Ben Roethlisberger passed to Pittsburgh for 273 yards. He also scored three touchdowns. Najee Harris was stopped at 39 yards with a TD.

Roethlisberger outlined the difficulties he faced in preparing for the week ahead.

His words were: “It is hard to not get practice perspectives, and not watch practice from behind.” “It’s different watching it on film at night. It’s definitely a different process, but we got through it.”

Chargers mistakes were the reason for Pittsburgh scoring two touchdowns during their rally. Harris’ 1-yard touchdown run brought the Steelers down to 27-20. It was scored four plays after Ty Long’s kicker had been blocked by Miles Killebrew. The Steelers were then able to score on Harris’s one-yard run.

Ekeler gave the Chargers a two-point lead with his fourth score in the game. Steelers managed 17 points straight to tie the game. Roethlisberger connected for a 5-yard touchdown with Eric Ebron to bring them up to 34-27. Cameron Sutton recovered Herbert’s pass for Allen from the 10 yard line and returned it to him. Pat Freiermuth made it tie three plays later with a 5-yard TD run.

Pittsburgh was victorious at the 25, following Williams’ crucial score. Roethlisberger got sacked two times and Steelers finally took it over at the 25. The Steelers then turned the ball over at the 3 where the Chargers won the last 1:15.


For the first time since 2017, when they faced Washington, the Chargers were able to score on five of their initial possessions. Ekeler completed three drives with TDs. Los Angeles took the win with a left tackle 6-yard pass from Ekeler.

Ekeler extended his lead to 14-3 in the second half with 3:42 left. He received a 10-yard touchdown on Herbert’s check-down. The best of his night was however on his third TD. He took a screen form Herbert and juked Steelers cornerback James Pierre. Terrell Edmunds then tackled him. Taco Charlton ran the final 3 yards to the end zone, making it 24-10 just three minutes into third quarter.

It was a memorable night. “I was able use what I had before me and you know, it ended up in the finish zone,” he stated.


After Herbert’s 36 yard scramble, Heyward made an appearance to punch Josh Palmer & Herbert. Heyward was not removed by the authorities, although they called it excessive roughness.

In a pool report, Senior Vice President of Officiating Walt Anderson said “It just didn’t look like it rose to the level of a foul that would result in a disqualification.”

Heyward said there was nothing malicious and that “I don’t think that I was trying to punch him, but I know it looks more worse than it is in slow motion.”

Herbert claimed he was not offended by the play.


Steelers: TE Eric Ebron couldn’t return with a knee injury. OL J.C. Hassenauer was injured in the pectoral muscles and will be re-evaluated. Coach Mike Tomlin said that DB Arthur Maulet, who had injured his neck, did not make it back.

Chargers: CB Asante Samuel Jr. sustained a concussion in the fourth quarter. Shaun Sarrett, assistant offensive line coach, was unable to play due to non-COVID illness.

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On Sunday, Chargers will play in Denver.


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