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Hannity: Middle class paying the price for Biden's socialist agenda

Hannity: 'Vile' Joe Biden is proving 'morally bankrupt'


Sean Hannity accused President Joe Biden of being morally bankrupt in Friday’s “Opening Monologue”. The photos, taken by a congressman, show Afghan female soldiers being attacked by Taliban. This was in addition to continued inflation spikes that were dismissed by top officials as a problem for the high class.

In over 45 days, Joe Biden has not spoken a word about the innocents he had left behind. Joe Biden isn’t just incompetent and cognitively struggling — he’s also morally bankrupt and vile,” Hannity said on “Hannity”, pointing to the grisly photos shared by Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla. – himself a retired Green Beret.

Hannity said that photos showing innocent children being killed by the Taliban were also his.

Hannity responded, “They are not professional and businesslike diplomats who did it.” Hannity responded, “These terrorists are murdering whole families.”

In September, it appeared that the administration was praising the Taliban’s diplomacy. Emily Horne (National Security Council spokeswoman) stated in a French24 statement, “The Taliban have been praised for their diplomatic skills.”

The Taliban were cooperative in helping to facilitate the American citizen’s departure on charter flights departing from HKIA. They are flexible, professional and polite in all our interactions with them.


Hannity claimed that Biden is acting foolishly in failing to recognize the suffering of Americans, and insists that his socioeconomic restructuring, referred to as human infrastructure, will not cost any dollars.

“Now as inflation spirals out-of control, Joe’s hawking $4 trillion of new spending and lecturing us about paying our fair shares,” said the host, noting another plea by the president, who was speaking earlier in the day at an event in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Hannity inquired about Biden’s repeated request that American workers “pay your fair share” and asked if he would apply that principle to Hunter Biden, his son.

Joe: “Let’s begin with our own families. Your son is under federal investigation for tax fraud and money laundering – does he pay his fair share?”

He also noted that Obama Treasury Secret Lawrence Summers had raised alarms about the inflation crisis. Meanwhile, former Trump advisor Peter Navarro forecast Friday that the United States would soon return to the stagflation-inducing 1970s period under President James Carter.

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Hannity pointed out that Sen. Charles Schumer from New York was one of Biden’s closest allies in Congress and expressed concern about the possibility that Empire State residents may be forced to choose between home heating or food this winter.

“The waves of supply and demand translate into costs and heating costs are one of the victims,” he said — according to WSHU – in announcing a plan to increase an assistance program in the federal budget, adding that “No family should have to choose between heating their home or putting food on the table.” Schumer did not, however mention Biden.

Hannity said that this isn’t a problem for the upper class and would only worsen. Hannity also stated about Biden’s economic crises, “if $1 from Biden’s radical build back-better agenda passes through Congress.”

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