While President Biden oversees a supply crisis that has seen commodities prices and inflation spiral out of control, as well as a rapid rise in unemployment despite the availability of jobs, Sean Hannity stated that it was the receipt for his socialist agenda that the Delaware Democrat promotes and executes. That tab will go straight to the working classes.

On “Hannity”, the host hearkened back to a 2019 stump speech by Biden on the campaign trail in Peterborough, New Hampshire, where the Democrat responded to a concerned man’s question about fossil fuel pollution by promising to “do away with subsidies to fossil fuels, number one, – number two holding [companies]They can be held responsible for their actions.”

Biden followed up by telling the man he was “not joking – I’ll put them in jail.”

He wants to jail oil executives. It’s the lifeblood of the world’s economy. If you find a cheaper, cleaner energy I am in. Until then, oil, gas and coal is the lifeblood of the world’s economy,” Hannity said in response.

Hannity claimed that the current inflation, supply-chain crisis and gas price boom are all a consequence of this promised policy.

“This is what Joe promised to do – this was all by design. He pledged to destroy the oil and gas sector and sacrifice blue collar jobs in 2019 for climate change.


With the labor shortage and supply chain crisis induced by the Biden administration’s policies, Hannity said that oil and gas are the root material needed for a successful market – and that that is now lacking.

It is possible for items to take up to a month before they reach you.

Hannity said that the Internal Revenue Service would seek to examine bank accounts in order to check transactions exceeding $600 to compound the working-class’ woes. According to an entry to the impending legislation on human infrastructure,

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He said, “Everything that you buy…all the money transferred over $600 Dollars, Democrats want it all.”

Your son or your daughter will receive $600. The Dems want to know about it… Why? To tax it and make you rich.”

“Green New Deal socialism is not cheap – and so they’re looking for new and creative ways to pay for it.”