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Greg Gutfeld: The only thing viruses can't penetrate is the immune system of a habitual liar

Greg Gutfeld: Viral infections can only penetrate the immune system of an incessant liar.


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All the best for Tuesday. Time for my favourite show, The But-Heads.

The world runs on buttheads. They tell you one thing and then add a “but” that contradicts it. They start with a panic line, but then condition it with: “but we still don’t know.” They then scare you with their panic line, and cover it up.  Now let’s go with the “butsYou’ll be amazed at the places these asses lead you. 

Axios is the website and not my Pilates instructor who claims that there will be a frightening wave of omicrons in the future. HoweverThe new variant appears to be less severe. HoweverBoris Johnson claims that there’s a coming tidal surge. HoweverOne of his specialists added that only 10 people had been admitted to hospital because they were using it. However We should have known that a person who does not own a hairbrush will never be believed.


You must still get the third dose in order to increase your level of protection. The variant appears to be more common among those who have received at least two jabs. However It’s no big deal for people who have it. However, it’s important to keep your head down and continue taking the medication. 

However It is very different from the other strains. Compared to delta — you barely notice it, and it’s much less powerful. This is Alec Baldwin’s first strain.


However! New data coming from Europe suggests that the omicron could explode in America. They also said that the metric system was in danger. HoweverThe variant is more likely to result in hospitalization for adults. The PG version is an R-rated film. They also removed all swearing from Old Yeller.

The fact is that more people get hospitalized because they have power tools in their stomachs. According to the emergency rooms near Home Depots. However two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine appear to be much less effective against severe disease — but you should still get a booster. We haven’t seen any severe cases of the disease, but we are on the verge! However, so was the medical device I ordered online, and I’m still waiting. It was time to do it myself using an attachment for an old vacuum.


However A senior Biden flack said to Axios that omicron would come quickly! HoweverBut it will not be as devastating… But… You will need to be admitted! However Analysis of South Africa data revealed that there was a 30% decrease in hospital admission risk compared to the first wave. HoweverA two-dose treatment was 70% effective in preventing severe diseases that require hospitalization. HoweverIt is only 33% effective in fighting omicron. 

So- omicron is less severe – good. However Even if only a fraction of the patients need to be admitted, it can still overwhelm our health care system. (s***!) The cases could reach a million a day here in America (s***!) HoweverThese cases may be mild and asymptomatic. (hooray!)

Your next lockdown Video

However The cases’ growth could increase by as much as twofold. But In other countries, it appears that the pace of change is already slowing. However It is too soon for us to know. However don’t panic. However also, panic. 

However Perhaps even hospitalizations will show that adults are more sickly than their predecessors. HoweverWhile vaccinations can help to reduce the risk of infection, they are not a cure. But Not transmission. 


Danes are home to 75 percent of all omicron cases. However you can’t compare countries – except when you do. However you can’t!

Omicron is therefore highly transmissible. However It seems to be quite mild. However This could cause a significant increase in the number of cases. However We don’t have enough data to be able to make predictions. The people telling you something is the same as the ones who want to talk you out of doing it. This is a mixed message that these people send more often than a straight-hairdresser. So maybe call us when you know what the f*** you’re talking about!

Tucker: We are watching the death of democracy in real time Video

Axios says again, “there’s a strong chance that many Americans will get sick shortly… Soon.” This sentence was written by somebody. It’s possible to imagine a doctor with this mindset.

A skit in which a doctor sends mixed signals to patients

The bottom line is what does this mean for the buttheads. Omicron can be compared to the Chinese food carton in the back. This could prove to be very dangerous. But It is impossible to find any person who was affected by it. However Unfortunately, we do not have enough information. Just in case you aren’t sure, go ahead and get a booster. 


However That’s what I believed was why we were vaxxed. It’s time to stop wearing masks. No more. Look at Joe Biden. Three shots have been given to Joe Biden. But He still Wears a mask. He is like one big walking butt.

Even if you are alone at work, alone in a car, alone with a truck or having sex alone, it is important to keep your head up! Don’t be afraid to cover your face! However But not if you are a politician. This allows you to go to galas and parties — or whatever else you wish.


When a camera is nearby, these buttheads temporarily cover the mouths of their victims. But how are they supposed to tell them apart? Their breath is the only way to know.

The immune systems of habitual lying liars are what all the viruses can’t get into. However It would be great if they could. There are no ifs or buts. buts.

This article was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue in the December 14, 2021 issue of Gutfeld!


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