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Greg Gutfeld: This is why the media fell for Jussie Smollett's hoax

Greg Gutfeld – This is the reason why Jussie’s hoax was so popular in the media


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Jussie seemed only yesterday when the media was making a fuss about her.

The Real: It’s not nice that there’s been a suggestion that this was a hate crime// Gayle Kings: There are many questions about this case. But I do know that Jussie is an extremely, very good man. This case is important to me. He didn’t change his story. It’s also credible, they said. He has also been cooperative with police, according to them. 

Now, it seems as if the news isn’t even out on this guy. He was probably not abducted by white supremacists. Perhaps he was on another Subway midnight run and was attacked again by Jared.  Jared is too old for him, I’m sure.

He didn’t go to trial. Is he guilty of the crime? It seems like one moment he was everywhere, but now he’s gone. He’s like a Cuomo, or rolling blades. Let’s visit all those who were first to report on the vicious, racist attack. See what they have to say now.

You can see crickets playing and the cricket saying the Smollett case is fake.


True – they buried the story like it was a friend of Hillary Clinton. This is because the media love news. They shout it from high peaks. However, when the story exposes bias and idiocy they cover it up like Brian Kilmeade’s beard.

How did the View handle bald spots today, speaking of bald patches?

Ana Navarro

Joy Behar: It’s Twitter’s fault


They are not to blame for it, it’s just an instinctive reaction. It’s natural if it was true. You believed that America was full of racist white men. They have a different M.O. – turn the news faucet on, then, magically, turn it off.

Because the media is hoping the same people who easily bought the Smollett hoax when they championed it – won’t find it now that their own feverish fantasies turned out to be false.

Attorney: There were enough details to prove Jussie Smollett's guilt Video

Now, I’m going to tell you the story of Smollett, from the press-eyed view. We were sitting in a greenroom betting on how many Twizzlers Dana Perino would eat when the news broke. All of us were thinking the exact same thing. I wonder if Jessica’s water broke. Smollett was lying, and we knew it. ‘Cuz the lie was too on the nose – like a hysterical plot from “Law and Order.”

We were scared of being labeled racists so we didn’t speak out yet. We know that the story is plausible, even though it was not as convincing as Brian Stelter’s Soul Cycle appearance. Smollett created the story they wanted, because it was what the media liked. This story fit the media’s lurid expectations of an America that is systemically evil and racist.


It’s not a hoax, if you believe it to be true. This is like a stalker who convinces himself that a star actress feels the same way. To him, it’s not a fantasy – it really exists. I should apologize to Kathy Bates.

Unfortunately for them, the media’s need for racist hate crimes is like Xanax at “The View” – the demand far outweighs the supply.

‘The Five’ blast media for rushing to judgment on high-profile trial Video

However, some brave Chicago reporters chased down the hoax. Rafer Weigel and Rob Elgas – they need to be commended. Weigel was actually criticized for appearing on Fox News to talk about the rapidly falling apart hoax. Fox News was the only one to request him to speak. There was no other network that would ask him. The thought of their stories collapsing was too frightening.

What he did was journalism. It’s no wonder that the legacy media did not recognize him. The good news is that the press has been recognized. What’s the bad news? The bad news? There are 300 Don Lemons to go with each one. 

This is why the media fell for it. Two elements are required to accept such a bizarre story. A nickel bag and a bong – I wish. You need to prepare for it and want it to work.

Leo Terrell: Jussie Smollett should apologize to America Video

The priming consists of a repetitive grim narrative, pushed by outlets like CNN, in which America’s full of bigots. This fake narrative was used to set the stage for every race hoax, which there were plenty.

You can leave the banana peels outside. This is how it works. 1) To be considered racist because fruit is only available to whites.

A rope at a race car garage – that was about as similar to a noose as a plate of fettuccine.

A collection of nooses was also created in Oakland’s park for workout gear. Did you know Jack LaLanne was also a Klansman?!

Covered furniture was transformed into a KKK-robed and-hooded man. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Are you the great wizard?

So that racist fear could be a reality, the media manipulated the atmosphere. Smollett was the hard-working race-baiting grifter and saw it as an opportunity to improve his career. He did. This is what narcissistic predators do.

Concha: Liberal media wanted to believe Jussie Smollett Video

He could have done it. His only problem is that he’s an idiot. He cast two black actors to play the roles of two white men. It was not only illegal, it was also terrible casting. That’s like casting Gwyneth Paltrow to play Rosa Parks. 

Who isn’t shivering in Chicago at night, holding bleach and rope? Bondage is for angry penguins. How do they clean the swimming pool? 

The biggest, most unbelievable improbability? I don’t know if White MAGA head would recognize Jussie Mollett. He’s asked to show ID at family gatherings. 


Yet, the media bought everything. Because like a really bad drug dealer, they were getting high on their own supply – feeding off their own race fantasies. As if they believed in any thing.

Fake commercial for the law firm of Harris, Swalwell & Schiff to “Leave the lying to us.”

It was also a pleasure for the media to act smarter than YouThey knew this was coming. Because they are the ones responsible for creating Frankenstein. They fell silent when their own stupidity led to them being cheated.


They were also wrong on this point. Covid? Immigration? Andrew Cuomo acting as a free-lance massage therapist. This list will be longer than any receipt you receive from CVS.

This will teach the media a valuable lesson. Don’t make me laugh. MSNBC has that.

This article has been adapted to Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue from the December 10, 2021 issue of Gutfeld!


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