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Greg Gutfeld on Waukesha attack – The soft bigotry and low expectations turn deadly


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Some media can lead to dangerous situations. It’s odd that the media often create the danger places they go to. This is like someone on an acid trip. You are the cause. Kat understands. 

Last year’s riots are an example. It was bravely covered by the media, who called it mostly peaceful. Nothing says peaceful more than a man killed protecting his business. The police couldn’t stop the violence without falling for this huge lie. People died and cities were set on fire by the media that protected the mob. It was a crime wave that grew beyond the Riots. You can’t ignore crime and create more. With words, you can accomplish this. 


CNN’s most recent Tweet. 

Today, Waukesha will observe a moment in silence to mark one week since the car that drove through a Christmas parade killed six and injured scores more. 

The car drove right through the parade. A car, not a racist madman. It was a good thing he did not have a driver. There could have been more. It was a horrible incident that happened to a network who takes great care in identifying the person responsible for any silly meme. If they think they can get away with it, they blame the curling iron. The media suddenly stops being interested in domestic terrorist acts. The media will label any Black politician as a White supremacist. However, if the suspect is using more racist social networks than Louis Farrakhan then the car is at fault. You get it. If you are in the media and you have to identify the responsible party, it is best not to do so. Focus on the object instead and let the public see that you’re as ignorant as your thinking. 


It is possible to run into a Christmas parade, kill twice as many people and call it an accident. Low expectations and soft bigotry can lead to crime and murder as they feel minorities don’t have the responsibility for their actions. We now have organised looting. The real question is why? The question is not why it’s happening, but rather, how can we stop it? This is like Stevie Wonder’s French fries stolen by a criminal. This is a far smaller risk than mugging and drug dealing. You can easily take over a company and steal up to 900 dollars worth of goods per person. California law allows you to do that. You can’t rob an Arby’s worker. The only thing you can get is $50 and your smell will be that of a roast beef sandwich. 

The Jussie Smollett trial begins Video

Now, crime is no longer criminalized and there’s virtually zero risk. It might be worth advertising it on television. Every day is Black Friday and all items are marked down 100%. First 100 customers to break into a shopfront window get a flatscreen and victim status. It’s not racist to call it looting, but the media will tell you that. Maybe even not covering these crimes is racist. As criminals realize this, they know that Democrats care more about protecting the public from crime scenes active than older statues. 

Amazon is the new retail death knell. These drivers will become the stagecoaches. Their drivers will be armed with urine bottles and not guns. You’re protected if you’re in media. As I tap the show, security is provided. The security personnel make sure that the audience doesn’t abuse me. This is what happens when you are so sexy. Sometimes I feel like Tom Jones, trying to reach his dressing room at Sahara. My point is well known to 80-year-olds. We have security when we are outside like Jesse getting his hair cut. Jesse doesn’t tip, so supercuts can be chaotic. 

However, what happens when journalists try to keep the media away from breaking stories? Kevin Nishita was a security guard who tried to defend the KRON TV crew during a bay area smash-and-grab. He was trying to stop the thugs when he was shot and killed. A former police officer, he had recently retired. He was married with children. He was trying to support his family, not like AOC’s criminals. Is this going to wake up the media about how crime is becoming out of control? Will it remind them that those who are helping cover your crimes can also lose their lives. His death will remind them that crime is not a protest. His death will have an effect on people who view crime as absurd. Like Seth Rogen. 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 16: Seth Rogen speaks onstage during the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on May 16, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS)

Rogen reacted to a Twitter claim that someone robbed him in L.A. Rogen stated the victim and said don’t leave any valuables in his car. That’s what it means to live in a large city. The man said he’d been robbed once before, and that the “man accidently left cool knife inside my car” so it was possible to get some treats if this keeps occurring. He is so out-of-touch that he makes it seem like he is a victim of crime. He is easily stereotyped as an idiot. What if that knife was not left in your car, but on your back? Seth didn’t need to think about it. He’s rich. He can easily bounce back from being victimized. He’s also always prepared with box office poison. 

Imagine if detectives didn’t report crime victims.

Skate of man mocking Seth Rogen’s tweets.

Woman: Your detective skills are outstanding and I’d love to get you on my team.

Joe Machi: Joe, what for tots?


Frau: I am the owner of my store. It was robbed by fifteen people yesterday.

Machi: This is a large city. That’s an offense. It’s okay.

Frau: I’m ruined. They stole everything.

Machi: The thing that dames do not understand is that when you get out of the sticks you have to accept the good and the bad. Unfortunately, your property is constantly being robbed or overtaxed. Also, homeless people are pooping in your backyard. We used to have restaurants. You’ll be able to excuse me as I move to Texas. Beto O’Rourke needs my help to get a personality.

Gutfeld: While I do not know the accent, it was something I enjoyed. Perhaps the media needs to consider Mr. Nishita’s sacrifice so that they can cover their stories. Nishita was shot dead by a thug. CNN would describe the incident as a bullet driving through the air, striking a man in its path. 

This article has been adapted to Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue from the November 29th, 2021 edition of Gutfeld!


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