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Greg Gutfeld: Why would the media lie like this?

Greg Gutfeld: How could the media tell lies like that?


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What did Virginia Democrats and Lincoln Project do for Halloween weekend? Racist d****** b***.  It was simple because they’re what they really are. It’s like if Joy Behar went as the loch ness monster.

They did it in a state that its Democrat governor wore either blackface or the KKK hood just for fun. That’s a whole lot of racism in one photo. Hard to beat, unless there’s a pic of Farrakhan and David Duke dressed as the Olsen twins 

Now, operatives of the disgraced Lincoln Project made it possible for supporters to pretend to be Glenn Youngkin’s racist fans by forcing them to dress up as such. You know what the uniform is for the white supremacist or teachers of 8th grade science? They wore khakis with white shirts. To pay homage to Charlottesville’s calamity, which left one woman dead, the tiki torches were held. They wanted to spread racism. 

But remember, this is the pervert-led Lincoln Project – they should’ve lit those torches and used ’em to keep their co-founder away from young men. JussieSmollett even thought this was a hoax. The morons who created it were proud to tweet about it. Then it started to crumble (like a burrito that was made by one-armed cooks).


The picture was recognized by many as a hoax of the Democrats. It’s a shame that they won’t work again. Oder all of them be promoted to more senior positions. This is what the Democrat Party was referring to.  If wearing blackface doesn’t get you fired what does?

.But they literally tried to smear decent people using a hoax based on a hoax – the widely discredited fine people lie – capitalizing on the tragedy of others. This should make them unemployed, even if Hunter is not involved. This is a terrible way to be hired. Well, since they’re already dressed for it – maybe The Gap. A job with the Department of Transportation in which attendance isn’t mandatory.

Now if we were CNN, and those people were Republicans – Chris Cuomo would already have doxxed them between sets of dumbbell curls. It fits the name. He let two dumbbells at CNN reframe the story about Trump.

Chris Cuomo says: As a dirty tactic, you’re being crushed by the people on your right. Can you back what was done 

Stuart Stevens – It is not about the guys who show up to rallies. Glenn Youngkin has not denounced Donald Trump. 

James Carville – It was meant to demonstrate that Youngkin does not condemn Trump

Tucker: Terry McAuliffe lied and Virginians knew it Video

This sandwich is a disaster with the meathead at the center. But it’s good to see Chris working without a tie. Perhaps he borrowed it from his brother to use for court dates. You can tie your hands to stop your brother groping.

But as the hoax unraveled like one of Kat’s weaves caught in a revolving door, Democrat consultant Lauren Windsor confessed on Twitter that she worked with the Lincoln Project to coordinate the hoax. It was clear that she claimed she was protecting democracy from rightwing extremists, none of which she could identify. You don’t have to make up these people if they are real.

She didn’t do much of a job, since her angry white men included a Black guy and a woman. Yet again, white supremacy’s diversity strikes! If you are willing to look, you will find white supremacists.

**Video of a reporter finding white supremacy in everything**

Lauren may have just forever been labeled a disreputable hoaxer and a lie. Her career’s as dead as a shark’s eyes when he’s biting into you. She’s Jussie Smollett dead.  Sarah Silverman dead. It is clear that her career is over. CNN may be her last hope. 

A Commonwealth of Insight Video

However, many Dems succumbed to it. This makes it clear why Mr. Fart for-brains (Eric Swalwell), was such a easy target to the Chinese honey pot.  This, I have to admit, is delicious. His sphincter has more control than his senses.

Meanwhile, the media tries to blame Republicans, by focusing on the Lincoln Project – made up of sex pests and unstable ex-Republicans. However, not one of the people in the tiki photos is Republican. Everyone’s a Democrat, impersonating their deranged, fever dream of what evil Republicans look like. They are as real-life as Tyrus, the fictional villain in their life stories.

Then why is this the way media lies? That’s the dumbest question I’ve ever asked. Aside from “Kat, do you know who’s been drinking my rubbing alcohol?” Because if the Dems didn’t know about this hoax–how could they all be young Democratic Party staffers in that picture. The hoax is democratic.

Trump condemned Nazism, and the Dems dressed up like them. Desperation is the only thing that can save you. – as parents see McAuliffe for what he really is – a glib, sanctimonious, partisan, elitist hack. Milli Vanilli covers would have more authenticity.

Virginia gubernatorial nominees' last fight to the finish Video

He decided to join the white supremacist movement. He didn’t ruin Republicans. Instead, he destroyed some of the young Dems just like Manson and his group of believers. He allowed them to do the hard work while trying to separate himself from it afterwards.

I think the Lincoln Project should be removed from Twitter. The site was used to promote vile hoaxes that might have led to racial violence. Maybe it’s me, but isn’t that slightly more incendiary than questioning the science on masks? Twitter could do it. This is unlikely.


 But we get it. We get it. Arrest threats. Their lives could be ended. True, one party can ignore all rules while the other party must follow them all. But it is no longer true. 

This is what I feel we did to the runners.

And when we catch them, let’s put their tiki torches where the sun doesn’t shine. And I’m not talking about London, Seattle or behind Tyrus.

This article has been adapted to Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue from the November 1, 2020 issue of Gutfeld!

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