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FOX Bet NFL Super 6 'Stack The Cash': How to play, how it works, more

FOX Bet NFL Super 6 'Stack The Cash': How to play, how it works, more


There’s nothing better than winning a lot of money while enjoying your favorite NFL football games. You can do this with friends or family and every entry will increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

Welcoming to FOX Bet Super 6: “Stack The Money”Promotion: The grand prize in this competition rises as more participants enter. Yes, this is true.This is:More people enter the contest means more money to be added to the winning prize, which began on Sunday at an impressive $100,000

That means that you, your family, your friends, your neighbors — whoever! — can help lift the jackpot to an even larger amount just by signing up and spreading the word with the #StacktheCash hashtag on social media.

Now it is time to jump in. The FOX Bet Super Six app is available for downloadIf you don’t know where to start, then go here “Stack The Cash” NFL Pick 6 ChallengeYou can make your picks about which team wins and how many points each team scores in six Sunday’s National Football League top games.

If you win all six of the games correctly, you can potentially win more! This is a simple and fun game that’s completely free. We’ve already said it, and hopefully you have too. The more entries, the larger the Sunday’s Jackpot will be. So enter now!

Are you curious about Super 6? Let us explain:

FOX Bet Super 6It is free to play and asks you six questions about an NFL game or an MLB race. Sometimes, there are even trivial quizzes on pop culture and current affairs.

Congratulations if you answer all six questions correctly! Congratulations! You are a Grand Prize Winner. The grand-prize winners have won millions in cash and some amazing prizes like a Ford truck or a Camping World RV. FOX Bet Super 6It is free and open to all players. The winners receive real-money prizes.

In actuality, the two-year period has been a success. FOX Bet Super 6 has won more than $5 Million in prizes — and with the Stack the Cash promotion, that number is only going to get higher, perhaps as soon as this weekend! Don’t wait! 

Super 6 was your previous season? Keep your app up-to-dateThe FOX Bet Super 6This football season’s product has been improved with a new lobby and scores page. It features the odds of the best games in the sport, and allows you to filter between the contests that you’ve entered or those that you have not. You can also compete against your friends.

All you need is the FOXBet Super6 app. Get the app now and get started playing!

Get the FOX 6 AppFor your chance at winning thousands of dollars each week on the most important sporting events, sign up today! You just need to make your selections in order to be eligible for the grand prize. Play and download today

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