Don Lemon of CNN and Chris Cuomo, CNN host, launched a lengthy rant Tuesday on Kyrie Irving’s inability to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. 

During handoffs between the respective programs, liberal hosts realized that Irving was able to make his decision, but he had to also “suffer” the consequences of failing to do what is best for their “collective goals”. 

Irving’s refusal to disclose his vaccination status caused national attention. The Brooklyn Nets banned Irving from any team activity, practices, or games until he has been fully vaccinated. 

Everybody has the option to make their own decision. If he doesn’t want to do it, fine. Then he doesn’t have to do it, but one then must suffer the consequences of not doing it,” Lemon said. I believe it’s all about America in the broadest sense of all this. You are right. Humanity. We’re all one team, humanity. We’re supposed to be looking out for each other as a team and as a team you don’t just look out for what is just good for you.”

“You have to look out at what’s good for the whole, which is a team, which is America, which is humanity, which is Kyrie Irving’s team,” Lemon added. “He can’t say this is my personal thing and still be a part of that team because that’s not what is good for the collective goal of the team.”


Cuomo expressed agreement with Lemon, but also disapproval at reports that Irving had chosen not to receive the vaccine out of protest against workers who have not complied with mandates for workplace vaccination.

Both hosts agreed with Irving that even though he wasn’t anti-vaccination, he shouldn’t stop advocating for vaccines to be given to other workers.

“You have the right to do something, doesn’t mean it’s right the way you’re doing it. And that has just been lost in this perverse sense of prerogative that hey, I have the freedom — you have the freedom to walk into traffic. You know, we don’t suggest you do it,” Cuomo said. 

He added that leaders must have the same level of morality as Christians. “So you’re not going to do something science tells you to do to keep yourself and others safe in your community out of some perverse sense of freedom just because you don’t have to?”


Chris, that’s the point. You do have the freedom not to — so then don’t do it. You can’t expect everyone to follow your lead. The freedom is yours. And that’s what they’re telling him. You have the right to be free. We won’t cancel you or fire you but you’re going to be benched,” Lemon chimed in.

They both agreed then that it was hypocritical of people to support Irving when Colin Kaepernick chose to protest racial injustices at NFL games by kneeling during National Anthem.