CNN raised the alarm Monday regarding recent campaign mistakes by Terry McAuliffe (Democratic Virginia governoral candidate), suggesting that his remarks could compromise his slim margins of victory against Glenn Youngkin (Republican businessman). 

John King, CNN’s Inside Politics host admitted that it was noteworthy to see the Democratic candidate cleaning up so close to election day. Virginia has been moving more toward Democrats. McAuliffe comments regarding President Joe Biden’s falling poll numbers, and parents having no say over what their kids are learning in school was what he mentioned as reasons Youngkin may be under threat.

“Election Day in Virginia is three weeks from tomorrow, and the off-year governor’s race is always viewed as a bellwether of the national mood,” King said to begin the segment. The commonwealth has been trending in the blues over recent years. It was won by President Biden last year, for instance, with a score of ten. 

“So it is noteworthy that the Democratic candidate is playing a bit of cleanup entering the stretch, trying to move past a comment on a call he thought was private that President Biden’s sagging poll numbers were hurting him,” he added before playing a clip of the recorded call, in which McAuliffe admitted Biden was “unpopular” in Virginia.


King then turned to Dan Merica as panel member, dismissing McAuliffe’s remarks on Biden in an attempt to make Democrats focus on the race. 

“The flip side though is if you have a discouraged Democrat who maybe thinks, ‘Terry McAuliffe, he was governor before, he’s kind of old school, I wanted somebody new, and then he dissed my president,’ then you don’t vote. Isn’t that the flip side, that you actually contribute to Democratic disenchantment?” King stated. 

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, left, and Republican nominee, Glenn Youngkin, participate in their debate at Northern Virginia Community College, in Alexandria, Va., Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Eva McKend of the panel claimed McAuliffe’s statements on Biden are similar to Youngkin trying not to be too close to former President Donald Trump, who is still relatively unpopular here in the state that he lost in both his presidential elections.

King stated, “Terry McAuliffe occasionally lets the tongue go ahead of the brain,” King added as he turned to McAuliffe. McAuliffe said that in recent discussions with Youngkin he didn’t think parents should dictate what schools should learn. King appeared to refer to criticisms about critical race theories.

Terry McAuliffe wants to make the same mistakes on the phone call as he made. But it is difficult in a state where a close election will be determined in the fast-growing Northern Virginia suburbs, where you have a lot of parents and a lot of debate about critical race theory, about what’s being taught in schools, to have a candidate for governor say I don’t want to listen to parents or I would side with teachers over parents. King said, “Stepping in it.” 


Margaret Talev of the panel agreed with Margaret Talev.