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Biden blamed Trump 'leadership' for shortages during COVID, won't accept blame now as leader: 'The Five'

Biden blamed Trump 'leadership' for shortages during COVID, won't accept blame now as leader: 'The Five'


Biden harshly criticized Trump’s actions during a panic on toiletries in the first days of the coronavirus outbreak. But now, with exponential inflation and a crisis in supply chains, Trump is no longer discerning. The panel discussing Friday’s “The Five” discussion found that the Delaware Democrat was not being circumspect.

Jesse Watters was the host and pointed out Biden’s May 2020 remarks declaring that the “food shortage problem” at that time wasn’t that, but rather a “leadership problem.”

However, now that Biden is president and facing a similar but more dire crisis, he has not taken the same blame he heaped on his predecessor, the host noted – and is instead repeating the importance of passing his party’s $3.5 trillion socioeconomic overhaul dubbed “human infrastructure” – and again claiming the net cost will be “zero” dollars.


Biden, at an event held in Hartford, Conn. on Friday, stated “We cannot compete in the 21st Century in this global economy if we fail invest”. He then lowered his voice to whisper and said, “But you pay your fair share.”

You will only have to pay a portion of the bill. When you combine it over many years, Build Back Better’s cost to increase the deficit by adding up is negligible.

Watters also pointed out that Biden ended that series of remarks by appearing not to have admitted that he would not achieve the $3.5 trillion spending goal but rather “something less than that.”

Watters commented to Katie Pavlich that they had a “liar”, she got a whisper, and they got backtrack.

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Pavlich stated that this is what makes the thousands of containers ship backups at southern California ports more severe. Pavlich also mentioned that a new state law has eliminated the possibility of private contractors. Every worker must therefore be classified as an employees.

“Turns out a lot of private contractors drive trucks and in California there’s 75,000 so there’s a problem where these companies are trying to off-load stuff to get it across the country, they can’t find workers and drivers that have trucks because California reclassifies them as full-time employees even though they’re private contractors,” Pavlich said of the law, passed through the Democratic legislature in Sacramento.

The panel later noted that Biden also urged the U.S. oil industry to increase production – though doing so after several consecutive months of “defaming” them.

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