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Former Trump State Department official recounts struggles working with career bureaucrats

An ex-Trump State Department official describes his struggles with career bureaucrats


Amanda Milius, former State Department adviser, appeared on Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Today to discuss her culture shock after moving to Washington, D.C., as a White House official.

Milius, who is also a filmmaker and the daughter of John Milius screenwriter of “Apocalypse Now”, spoke with Tucker Carlson to talk about her experiences on the Nevada campaign trail. She said that she had met many people all over the world, giving their time to a cause they felt was “greater” than themselves.

However, Milius said that she experienced frustrations while working alongside career bureaucrats within the government when she arrived in Washington, D.C.

Everything I believed to be wrong was actually worse. She said that it’s much worse and was frustrating, because there were so few of them.

Milius remarked on Trump’s historic win in 2016: “Imagine an administration such as ours, where it was so crucial to to to to go into like guns blazing from day one, and not stop, mean, the entire machine.”

After arriving in D.C., she said she was shocked to discover that Trump-era career bureaucrats didn’t care about policy changes or platforms.

“To have most of us be the people that knew the agenda and wanted to execute the agenda get whittled away by these… conniving nobodies, and then think that the administration is somehow still got a fighting chance — It’s like we fought with one hand behind our back,” she said.

Mike Pompeo speaks during a news conference at the State Department in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, March 5, 2020. Alex Wroblewski/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Milius stated that Reagan-era government officials were giving her advice about how to navigate the federal system, and that nobody from Bush’s administration would likely support it. 

“So, so we’d been pulled aside and like some serious older-timers were like, “Hey, really, you know. This’s how you don’t get screwed or in any other area.” – So where’s your manual?


“By the by, who’s writing that manual?” Milius explained to Carlson that there are some of my friends who have written it. However, the institution knowledge is so vast that, if there was ever a nation and we were to take control again, that’s what we would really need.”

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