For the Love of Coffee

Do you know what the #1 beverage is in the world?

coffee-cups-love-favim-com-700023Coffee!! It has become so popular in fact it’s the second most traded physical product after petroleum. You wonder why it is popular? The caffeine and stimulant properties of coffee help countless people start their morning by helping them wake up and tackle their day. It helps give people an energy boost to manage all that work they have to get done, it’s also known to refresh the body after eating those large restaurant or holiday meals.

You are probably asking yourself, how is coffee made, where does it come from?

The process of making coffee is by roasting the beans, beans which are picked from the berries of the genus coffea a small evergreen bush. In Asia, South America and Africa these bushes are most noticeable. After picked, the next step is to process and dry the beans, once complete they are now ready to be roasted. Now this is where the various flavors of coffee differ and that is from how the beans are processed and roasted.

A lot of time and effort goes into making a great cup of coffee, brewing coffee has become a real art. For ex) espresso coffee is made by pressure brewing the ground beans. During the early twentieth century espresso was invented in Milan. Having a thick and strong consistency, is the main brewing attribute for an espresso. Depending on your taste preference espresso can either be an extra boost for some people or too strong of a flavor for others.

Looking for some History?

It’s believed that the very first cup of coffee that was brewed was prepared in the mountains of Ethiopia when goat herders noticed their goats becoming energized after they ate the bush. It then migrated the coffee drinking experience throughout Yemen and Egypt. The 15th century saw Muslims drinking coffee amongst the world. It then began to migrate into Italy through Venice, but was first regarded and dismissed as the ‘drink of Muslims’.

After the Italian adopted it, coffee started to become a regular drink, this soon then spread amongst first in Europe, then America and Indonesia. Now a days you see almost everyone in the world drinking their daily cup of coffee and not just regular coffee there are different flavors and methods to brewing it. We all like our coffee in different ways, some prefer instant coffee while others will have an espresso or an americano. Other cultures such as Eastern Europe and the Middle East it’s common to see people brew their coffee with the sediment left in the bottom of the pan. Coffee is very versatile, it can be mixed with milk and sugar or simply drink it straight. Brewing coffee is dependent on individual taste.