The Best Coffee Makers From Mr. Coffee

If you’re in the market for an affordable, quality coffee maker, I highly recommend the Mr. Coffee brand. The company has been making coffee makers since 1972 and has perfected the art of coffee brewing. There are a ton of models to choose from, but I narrowed down my list to just 3 very affordable options. You can also check keurig coffee makers which are best alternatives for Mr. Coffee.

Mr. Coffee CG13

710oaprlqxl-_sl1500_The CG13 is all black, comes with a glass carafe, and has a dual water window that allows you to pour the exact amount of water in for brewing. Worried about messy cords? This model has built-in cord storage, so you can tuck your cords away neatly.

Brew pause allows you to pour a cup of coffee mid-brew and continue the brewing cycle. The CG13 can brew up to 12-cups of fresh, hot coffee at a time. And you can purchase a water filtration filter separately. This allows you to remove chlorine from the water so that you can enjoy a truly rich coffee taste.

The CG13 is a simple-to-use and simple-to-clean model.

Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG6-001

415wuaojubl-_sy300_The BVMC-KG6-001 is a little different for Mr. Coffee. This is a single-serve model, but what really makes it special is that it’s powered byKeurig Brewed Technology. For around $80, you’ll be using a coffee maker that combines Mr. Coffee quality with the rich taste of Keurig – it’s perfect.

This model has a 40-ounce reservoir, 3 brew sizes (6, 8 and 10-ounce), a removable drip tray, and an easy control panel.

Brewing time is less than a minute. You can brew coffee, tea and hot cocoa using his model. There is also a drip tray, so if any coffee drips after removing your mug, it will land on the drip tray and can be quickly removed and cleaned.

You can even pre-heat with this model to make brewing fast and simple.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT

bvmc-sjx33gt-1First and foremost, the BVMC-SJX33GT is the ideal choice if you’re on a budget. This model is under $30 and comes with a beautiful chrome exterior. Named one of the best products of 2011, this model offers everything you could want in a coffee maker and more.

A 12-cup capacity allows you to make enough coffee for guests. It’s programmable, so you can start the brewing cycle even when you’re away from home. You can also choose between regular and strong brew taste.

Easy to clean, you can remove the filter basket and use the special cleaning cycle to thoroughly clean this model. Brew-pause technology is included, so you can stop the brewing cycle to pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Mr. Coffee uses a carbon-based water filter to remove all water impurities, and this model is compatible with a thermal carafe if you want to keep your coffee hot for hours.

Mr. Coffee is the perfect choice for avid and casual coffee drinkers. Don’t let the lower prices fool you. Mr. Coffee is known for their long-lasting coffee makers, so you’ll be able to use any of the models above for years.

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The Best Jura Coffee Machines

Jura offers the ultimate in luxury coffee machines. Designed for those with discerning tastes, this well-known brand offers some of the best coffee makers you can buy – period. From single-serve machines to top-of-the-line super automatic espresso makers, Jura does it all. For the home-brewing enthusiasts, the following three models are the best-of-the-best.

Jura Ena Micro 1 (Full Review Here)

big_ena_micro111One of the most affordable Jura models, the Ena Micro 1 is sleek, compact and produces the perfect espresso. The Ena Micro 1 is expertly engineered to grind, brew and pour with a simple touch of a button.

One of the most noticeable – and best – things about this espresso machine is that it’s ultra-compact. At 12.7” x 9” x 17.5”, this model won’t take up much space on your kitchen countertop.

With a built-in coffee grinder, the Ena Micro 1 will grind your beans just before brewing, and store your beans in an airtight, aroma-preserving chamber on top of the machine. The variable brewing chamber allows for you to choose the individual preparation and strength of two cups at one time. And the included filter ensures your water is as pure as possible for the best-tasting espresso around.

There’s so much to love about the Ena Micro 1, and this machine comes with a laundry list of convenient, smart features.

Jura Impressa C9

maxresdefaultThe Impressa C9 is a step up from the Ena Micro 1 and offers one-touch, automatic brewing. And unlike the Ena Micro 1, you can brew both espresso and regular coffee in this machine.

With the Impressa C9, you get programmed beverage buttons for espresso, cappuccino, coffee, hot water or milk. A 14oz. milk container is included and a burr grinder is built-into the machine. The 64-ounce removable water tank is easy to clean, and the ThermoBlock heating system keeps water at the optimal temperature. With an 18-bar power pump, this machine brews fantastic espresso.

In just 60 seconds, the Impressa C9 will steam or froth milk, tamp, grind, brew and clean itself. And if you’re looking to brew other drinks, you can use the hot water dispenser for tea, or to enjoy a cup of foamy hot chocolate. You have options to choose the cup size and strength of your coffee for a truly personal brew. Of course, the Impressa C9 also uses a water filter to ensure your coffee tastes as fresh and pure as possible.

Jura Giga 5

big_giga5Not for the faint of heart, the Jura Giga 5 is one of the priciest coffee machines on the market. And it’s also one of the best. This is more than just a home brewer. It’s a complete automatic coffee center.

The Giga 5 offers 17 programmable specialty coffee drinks with a TFT display for easy drink selection. With two ceramic disc grinders, this machine is super quiet when grinding your coffee beans.

Like other Jura models, this one also offers a variable brewing chamber, so you can select the individual preparation and strength of each cup.

The Giga 5 is the Rolls Royce of coffee machines with more features than I could possibly list here.

For a truly luxurious coffee brewing experience, it doesn’t get any better than Jura. If you have the budget and a true love for coffee, any one of these three machines will provide you with an unforgettable cup of coffee or espresso.

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Hamilton Beach Two-Way Single-Serve Coffee Maker Review

The Hamilton Beach “2-way” is one of my favorite coffee makers because it serves as both a single serve brewer and an actual coffee maker. If you want a quick cup of coffee, you’re good to go. If you have guests drop over unexpectedly, you’ll be able to brew 12-cups of coffee with the same coffee maker – it’s very convenient.


Great Quality

The exterior features a stainless-steel plated exterior that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Design & Features

For an entry-level model, this coffee maker includes a lot of top-end features that make your coffee brewing even easier. Plus, how often do you come across a coffee maker than can brew two at once?!

  • Two-way brewing.
  • 12-cup glass carafe
  • One-time filling reservoir.
  • Pod holder.
  • Regular or bold brew strength.
  • 24-hour brew programming.
  • 2-hour shut off.

Fast and easy to use. This model allows you to use coffee pods and even comes with a pod holder. Users that don’t like pods will be happy with the mesh filter that allows for ground coffee to be used.

A digital display allows you to schedule a brew 24-hours in advance. For anyone that loves hot coffee once they come home from work, you’ll love this feature.

When it comes to brewing, it’s fast and simple. Simply choose the brew strength: regular or bold, and then choose the size: single or carafe. This is an amazing option because you can brew a 14-ounce cup of coffee quickly if you don’t need to brew a whole pot of coffee. Or, you can choose to brew a 12-cup pot of coffee. The single-serve size does have a multilevel cup rest, so any cup will fit under the spigot.

I also appreciate that Hamilton Beach uses a glass carafe due to plastics leaving an off taste.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning System

There isn’t a fancy cleaning cycle or any filters to change with this model. Instead, you’ll only need to clean the exterior and the pod or ground holder. The mesh coffee filter comes out and can run right under the sink. The glass carafe can also be cleaned with a sponge.

Durability & Longevity

Simple in design, Hamilton Beach models are known to last for years. Many users still use this model daily after 4 years of ownership. For the price, you really can’t expect much more in the durability and longevity department.


Expect to pay several hundreds of dollars for this model? You’re way off. This model costs just under $80.


  • Dual brewing technology.
  • 24-hour timer.
  • Adjustable spigot.
  • 2-hour safety shut off.


  • Slow single-size brew.

I love the design of this model because it gives you the utmost in brewing options. The one area where I was slightly disappointed was the actual time it took to brew the single serve cup. Maybe I am spoiled by the 1 – 2 minute models, but I did expect it to be a little faster.

However, very few coffee makers offer this dual-brew option. For me, I am impressed with Hamilton Beach. This coffee maker never burns the coffee, extracts the utmost in flavor and comes at an unbeatable price.

Finding Out About Premium Gourmet Coffee

One of the main reasons speciality gourmet coffee is so preferable are the differences that set it apart from classic coffee. The smell of freshly brewed speciality gourmet coffee is enough to lure even the beginner coffee drinker. Premium gourmet coffee provides a much more intense coffee, with a rich flavour and strong, deep aroma.

If possible try to select premium gourmet coffee, especially if you run a business selling coffee or manage a café. The difference in proving high quality coffee each time your serve them will really be appreciated by your customers.

Where Should I Buy My Coffee?

gourmet-coffeeIf you are wanting to purchase some speciality gourmet coffee, for whatever reason, there are a couple of companies that you may want to consider. A very popular and well-known company is the Starbucks Store. With Starbucks you can be sure that you are getting coffee of the highest quality every time. Their name in now recognised as a leader in providing great quality coffee are a great price for both the coffee grower and coffee buyer.

Another company that also provides excellent quality speciality gourmet coffee is Coffee for Less. There selections are regularly updated and they offer a wide selection of coffee including an extensive array of premium gourmet coffees.

Because they only deal with the best coffee roasters, you can be sure that the coffee you are buying is of the highest quality.

If you try speciality gourmet coffee once you will definitely be hooked, and you will realise that you have been missing out on the fabulous taste of real coffee. After than you won’t be able to go back to the conventional, standard cup of bland tasting coffee that you used to drink.

It is impossible to compare normal coffee to speciality coffee, the tastes are completely different. But once you try it either at home or in a business capacity there will be no going back.

For the Love of Coffee

Do you know what the #1 beverage is in the world?

coffee-cups-love-favim-com-700023Coffee!! It has become so popular in fact it’s the second most traded physical product after petroleum. You wonder why it is popular? The caffeine and stimulant properties of coffee help countless people start their morning by helping them wake up and tackle their day. It helps give people an energy boost to manage all that work they have to get done, it’s also known to refresh the body after eating those large restaurant or holiday meals.

You are probably asking yourself, how is coffee made, where does it come from?

The process of making coffee is by roasting the beans, beans which are picked from the berries of the genus coffea a small evergreen bush. In Asia, South America and Africa these bushes are most noticeable. After picked, the next step is to process and dry the beans, once complete they are now ready to be roasted. Now this is where the various flavors of coffee differ and that is from how the beans are processed and roasted.

A lot of time and effort goes into making a great cup of coffee, brewing coffee has become a real art. For ex) espresso coffee is made by pressure brewing the ground beans. During the early twentieth century espresso was invented in Milan. Having a thick and strong consistency, is the main brewing attribute for an espresso. Depending on your taste preference espresso can either be an extra boost for some people or too strong of a flavor for others.

Looking for some History?

It’s believed that the very first cup of coffee that was brewed was prepared in the mountains of Ethiopia when goat herders noticed their goats becoming energized after they ate the bush. It then migrated the coffee drinking experience throughout Yemen and Egypt. The 15th century saw Muslims drinking coffee amongst the world. It then began to migrate into Italy through Venice, but was first regarded and dismissed as the ‘drink of Muslims’.

After the Italian adopted it, coffee started to become a regular drink, this soon then spread amongst first in Europe, then America and Indonesia. Now a days you see almost everyone in the world drinking their daily cup of coffee and not just regular coffee there are different flavors and methods to brewing it. We all like our coffee in different ways, some prefer instant coffee while others will have an espresso or an americano. Other cultures such as Eastern Europe and the Middle East it’s common to see people brew their coffee with the sediment left in the bottom of the pan. Coffee is very versatile, it can be mixed with milk and sugar or simply drink it straight. Brewing coffee is dependent on individual taste.